Mentoring Young Talent Across Scotland

Listen to the stories of our young people. Find out how MCR Pathways are supporting Scotland’s young people weekly.

Why Mentoring Matters

Positive Destinations

National 51%

MCR Pathways 86%

MCR transforms lives. In our most recent 2018 Impact Report, 86% of mentored leavers progressed to positive destinations (full-time employment, further education, or higher education) vs. 51% of care-experienced non-mentored leavers.

There’s amazing potential in our most disadvantaged young people, potential that’s often buried because of difficult life experiences. Mentors bridge talent with opportunity. By spending just one hour a week listening and being there for your young person you will empower them to unlock their potential.

Our Videos

Our Case Studies

Samuel: From Mischief Maker to Apprentice

After being rejected by the army, Samuel was feeling lost. He was matched with mentor Iain who built his confidence and helped Samuel attain an apprenticeship.

Kaitlyn: The road to nursing

Kaitlyn a YST pupil from Glasgow, shares how her mentor has supported her to achieve her dream of becoming a nurse. This is her story.

Reni: From disengaged to the star of the show

Reni, in Glasgow, shares how her mentor helped build the confidence she needed to envision her future and chase after her dreams.

Tamzin: Gaining the confidence to express herself

Tamzin* and her mentor Andrew, are the longest running relationship within Peterhead Academy, Aberdeenshire. She shares how they bonded.

Jack: From unfocused to the road to college

In Aberdeenshire, mentoring proves pivotal in supporting Jack to turn his behaviour around.

Safa: A helping hand into university

Mathematics degree ‘adds up’ for Safa thanks to positive impact of mentor

Lucy: From homelessness to medical school

Now in university studying medicine, Lucy reflects on how her mentor helped her build confidence and overcome homelessness.

William: Finding his own ambitions

“It’s that sense that you’re much more willing to talk to a stranger about issues than you are to someone you have known your full life.”

Scott: From uninspired to higher education

“We as a young people have a bit more of a voice now because of MCR.” Scott shares his mentoring story.

Tracy: Figuring out where she's going

After returning to school after having her baby, Tracey was matched with her mentor who supported her to college.

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