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Inspiring and supporting our team to provide the best opportunities for the nation’s young people. MCR Pathways helps young people who are care-experienced and have experienced disadvantage find, grow and use their talents. 

Why Partner With Us?

Our committed partners help us develop and support our programme to reach more young people.

Partners include organisations of all sizes, from small and medium sized businesses, to Local Authorities and ALEOS, to national corporations. From hosting Talent Tasters to supporting staff to mentor, there are so many ways your organisation can get involved.

Being a mentoring organisation is not just about giving back. You and your colleagues will also have the opportunity to enhance your own skills and expertise. Mentor feedback shows that training and mentoring experience develops empathy and self awareness, as well as communication and coaching skills. These skills are essential for leadership and management roles.

Can you join the increasing number of the country’s most influential organisations who have made the commitment to support our nation’s young people? Contact us today and we can find the right option for your organisation.

How Partners Can Help?


Organisations encourage and support staff to spend one hour a week mentoring. Staff will develop their skills, expertise, management and leadership skills. Two lives are changed when one person mentors.

Talent Tasters

Talent Tasters are a chance for young people to try out work experiences in manageable, bite-sized sessions. Typically just 2-3 hours in length, Tasters are designed to engage and inspire the younger generation with hands on learning experiences.


Organisations have also helped by sharing their skills and expertise. Some bring their educational expertise, others their design and branding know-how. There are many ways to get involved.

Why Mentoring Matters

Mentors are supported by the MCR team to guide young people onto positive pathways. You and your colleagues will also have the opportunity to develop your own skills and expertise while you support your young person. 

Empathising with the challenges facing a young person and positively influencing them to focus on discovering their talents and guiding them to achieve via their education is a hugely rewarding experience.  Our mentors report improved morale, an enormous sense of well-being and the feeling of making a tangible contribution.

In total, it’s just 5 days a year.

The relationship between mentor and young person is a phenomenal one. We hope you can join us.

Wheatley Group's Story

“I’m really proud that Wheatley do so much to support YGT and young people throughout Glasgow.”

University Of Strathclyde's Story

“Research has shown that the best leaders are those leaders who can empathise with people. The best way that you can really learn to empathise with people is to work with others… in a very non-judgemental way.”

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