Our Impact

The MCR Pathways Young Talent programme is transforming lives by helping young people realise their full potential.

3 Year Impact Evaluation

An independent evaluation undertaken by ScotCen Social Research & commissioned by The Robertson Trust, established the dramatic impact of MCR Pathways’ pioneering programme for care-experienced young people.

The three-year study, using internationally renowned research methods, showed that MCR’s relationship-based mentoring programme is transforming educational outcomes and post-school destinations for young people. In addition, the study identified quantifiable benefits in building confidence, aspirations and social skills.

Positive Destinations

The ScotCen report found that 81.6% of mentored care-experienced pupils left school for a positive destination, compared with 56.3% of those young people who were not mentored. For MCR, a positive destination is either progression to college, university or employment.


87.7% of pupils achieved one or more SCQF Level 5 qualifications, compared with 66.8% of their non-mentored peers.

Retention Rates

On average, 70.7% of mentored pupils continued their education in S5, compared to 60.1% of non-mentored pupils in the study.

*ScotCen research data from 3 year assessment, 2015-2018
This independent research assessed the impact of mentoring on care-experienced young people’s educational outcomes and shows the dramatic improvements and success in all three quantitative outcomes. Young people also praised their mentors for being non-judgemental and the wider programme was praised for its highly personalised matching process, which enables young people and mentors to build a comfortable and trusting relationship. Both the qualitative and quantitative findings of the report provide overwhelming evidence that MCR Pathways’ mentoring programme has significantly increased the educational outcomes for care-experienced young people and had a positive effect on both the young people and mentors.

Additional Benefits to Young People

Young people who are listened to, and are supported, will thrive. Mentoring has been shown to make a life-changing difference in:

Confidence & Relationships

Confidence, Belief & Self-esteem

Communication & Relationship Skills

Motivation, Commitment & Resillience

Education & Employment

School Attendance & Engagement 

Attainment & Staying On Rates 

Progression To College, Uni & Jobs

Better Career Options & Life Chances

Inspiring Young People

Health, Wellbeing, Self-worth

Becoming Responsible & Role Models

Inspiring People & Communities

Progress & Impact

MCR supports young people across the country, including: Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Clackmannanshire, Dundee, East Lothian, Edinburgh, Falkirk, Fife, Glasgow, Highland, Inverclyde, North Ayrshire, Perth & Kinross, Shetland, South Lanarkshire and West Dunbartonshire. We are also excited to have launched MCR Pathways in England where the programme is now operating in schools across the Hertfordshire region. We work in partnership with each of the local authorities in which we operate and are delighted to have the backing of our funders as we grow across the United Kingdom.

Young people supported through mentoring, group work and MCR Pathways Coordinators.
Number of young people MCR Pathways are working to reach with mentoring.
Number of schools MCR Pathways is currently operating in.

Featured Success Stories

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What Our Young People Say

Mentoring has helped me open up more. When I first started meeting my mentor, I didn't really say much and I was quiet. But now that I speak to her every week, I have started opening up to teachers and speaking more in class. I don't really see her as a mentor, but a friend.
Young Person
Harlaw Academy, Aberdeen
Mine is like my best friend. She’s very helpful, caring and helps me a lot with any of my struggles. You might not think will have a bond at first, but you build one over time and realise they are someone you can always count on.
Young Person
Whitehill Secondary School, Glasgow
For me, the best thing about having a mentor is that you have someone who's 100% on your side, and just wants to help and support you to do as well as you can. Having that support is really valuable and has helped me feel way less nervous about the process of leaving school and applying to college.
Young Person
Drummond Community High School, Edinburgh

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