Our Impact

Helping young people realise their full potential through education.

Exceeding Potential

Young people who are listened to, have a voice & are supported to find, grow & use their talents, experience radical increases in:

Education & Employment

School Attendance, Staying On Rates & Engagement

Levels Of Attainment, Achievement & Participation

Progression To College, University & Employment

Better Jobs, Career Choices & Life Chances

Confidence & Relationship Building

Confidence, Belief & Self-esteem

Communication & Relationship Skills

Motivation, Commitment & Resillience

Inspiring Young People

Health, Wellbeing, Self-worth & Belonging

Taking Responsibility & Becoming Role Models

Inspiring Peers, Families & Local Communities

The Figures

Young people are the focus of what we do. Our impact on attainment, achievement and post-school destinations has been transformational:


National Baseline 36%

MCR Pathways 82%

Motivation based on self assessments by the young people before and after the MCR programme.


National Baseline 49%

MCR Pathways 92%

Attainment in 5 plus subjects at minimum National 4 and above.

Positive Destinations

National Baseline 48%

MCR Pathways 86%

Positive destinations based on progression to college, university or employment.

Data from 2017 leavers published in 2018.

What Our Young People Say

I didn't have any confidence at all. Now I feel like I can do anything. I didn't think I could get into university, but thanks to my mentor I did.

Young Person
St Andrew's Secondary

It gives me ideas about what I want to do in the future, facing my fears.

Young Person
Springburn Academy

Being able to be myself, being able to get help and not being ashamed to ask for it. Being able to relax and be confident.

Young Person
St Mungo's Academy

Impact On Others

While Young People are the focus of what we do, the programme also benefits all of our key participants in a number of ways:

Impact On Mentors

Mentors who care, listen to & support a disadvantaged young person, experience radical increases in:

Morale, Motivation, Purpose & Wellbeing

Listening, Building Trust & Coaching Skills

Personal Development & Leadership Skills

Insight & Empathy With Young People

Making & Experiencing A Life Changing Difference

Impact On Schools

Schools who embrace the programme & its values immediately benefit from:

Increased Attendance, Staying On Rates, Engagement, Aspirations & Attainment

Improved Behaviours, Relationships & Life Skills

Greater Post-school Destinations Sustainability

Injection Of Employability Knowledge, Experience & Opportunities

Enhancement Of Employability, Inclusion & Education Policies

Impact On Organisations

Organisations who encourage their staff to mentor & also provide taster opportunities for the young people, see major gain from:

Complete CSR & Local Community Affiliation

Improvement In Staff Morale & Motivation

Staff Engagement, Skills Development

Developing Effective Leaders & Managers

Insight Into The Next Generation. A Future Source Of Talent

Impact On Communities & Society

Our communities & society overall see major benefits from:

Motivated, Committed & Resilient Young People

Reduction In Waste Of Talent & The Social Cost Of Failure

Greater Aspirations, Health & Wellbeing

Deeper Intergenerational Understanding & Mutual Respect

Effective Early Intervention

Progress & Impact

In 2019, MCR supports care-experienced young people in every secondary across Glasgow and in selected schools in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Edinburgh, Ayrshire, South Lanarkshire and West Dunbartonshire.

Young people supported by MCR Pathways through mentoring, group work and Talent Tasters
Number of young people MCR Pathways are working to reach with mentoring.
Number of local authorities MCR pathways is currently in.

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