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Why Mentoring Matters

The MCR Pathways programme was founded in 2007. In 2018, the programme began expanding across Scotland with the Young Edinburgh Talent (YET) programme launching in 2019. YET is helping young people find, grow and use their talent throughout Edinburgh.

Our volunteer mentors spend one hour a week listening to and encouraging their young person. The only qualification you need to be a mentor is the desire to help. Young people are matched with a mentor based on their personalities, interests and career aspirations.  All young people are different and have different needs, so it’s important that our mentors come from all walks of life.

Role models make a life-changing difference to young people. Additionally, mentoring has been shown to make a powerful and positive impact on those who give their time and support.

The Motivation, Commitment and Resilience of our young people and mentors inspires us and pushes us forward every day. 

Your Mentor Journey

Step 1 - Register

1. Register

Step 2 - Information Session

2. Info Session

Step 3 - Interview

3. Interview

Step 4 - Training Session

4. Training

Step 5 - Matching Process

5. Matching

Step 6 - Meeting

6. Meetings

Karen Smart

I think it’s really simple. It makes such a difference to a young person’s life. To have a person, coming from outside of school, to see you once a week, who’s not judgemental, who’s not a social worker, who’s not a teacher, who’s not a counsellor. That person just for you. That one-to-one relationship, I think, is invaluable and makes such a difference to the young person.

Karen Smart
School Link
Craigroyston Community High School

I think others should get involved with MCR because it would really benefit them. It would give them a place and someone to speak to if there are worries or issues. It would really help them and take off that bit of stress that most people will be feeling heading into S6 and afterwards.

Young Person

Daniel, straight away, was an absolute pleasure to work with. He’s genuinely gone through tough things in his life, but it’s not stopped him from being a happy, resilient and upbeat person. We are talking about more stuff and it feels like the conversation is going into new places - and there’s trust there between us that the conversation can go there. That’s where the satisfaction is.

Ross Armstrong

As time goes on, she trusts me more and trust has opened up between us. We chat about life, and decisions and everything in between, which is great. It's the relationship that matters, so making an hour is week is not a chore. The challenge is really being the best you can be for someone else, instead of for yourself.

Ali MacLachlan

Before I met my mentor, I was a wee bit quiet, never really had any pals and just stuck to myself. But then I met Gulio and he was there pushing me, giving me ideas and just making me better. The biggest change I've seen in myself is my confidence. I just get to be me, pretty much, instead of a wee shell of a person

Young Person

My mentee bounces up to reception where we meet and seems excited to see me. I can’t wait to see how the relationship grows and I already know that once my young person leaves school, I want to be able to begin the process again.

North Ayrshire

Featured Success Stories

“It’s given me tremendous satisfaction helping someone through hard problems like I faced”

Safa’s Story

“I wanted someone to be there for me other than my friends, family or a teacher – someone new that wouldn’t judge” 

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Other Ways To Get Involved

Talent Tasters

Talent Tasters are a chance for young people to try out a job, college, or university in engaging, bite-sized opportunities. Short, hands-on and inspiring, Talent Tasters help unlock young people’s aspirations.

Become A Partner

Our committed partners help us deliver our programme and reach more young people. Our partners include organisations of all sizes, from local businesses to national corporations to Local Authorities. 


There are many ways to get involved at MCR Pathways. We are delighted to have volunteers supporting almost every department in our team. Contact us if you’d like to get involved!

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