Guest Blog – How Performing at MCR’s National Conference has turned me into an Activist

Written by Aamina, an S5 Glasgow YST Pupil

My experience at the MCR Brave; Not Broken conference was 2 words: Excitement and Terror.

Excitement because it was a MCR conference, and they’re always gucci. I got to see all ma wee pals and see them participate in making a meaningful change for the young people all around Scotland by promoting the beautiful relationship of a mentor and a young person. On that note, I was so proud to be the person who inspired the Brave; Not Broken title, which came from something I said. 

“When you look at me, you see me, not someone broken by my circumstances, not someone to be pitied or ‘fixed’,  just me, a young person who is brave, who can be the best version of myself” – Aamina

Because we’re not broken. All we need is that One good Adult. So, hint hint, become a mentor. It’s absolutely amazing for you and the young person.

However, I felt terror because I had my own part in it. I had written a very personal spoken word poetry called “Tick Tock” about my hard situation with not being able to see my siblings. I’m not very open, but promised I would be. So I did it. As everyone knows, I am confident, however I was terrified. After doing it and making hunners of you cry like hell (sorry not sorry 😄) – I felt relief.

Being open in my own creative way was helpful for me to finally say it out loud instead of bottling it all up.

Also, I realised that sibling contact was an issue for my peers. So I took pride knowing I may have wrote these words for my situation, but it touched others and started a huge conversation for my peers to be able to feel like their not alone.

I succeeded through “Tick Tock” to get a start for my fight for sibling contact. I will be meeting Fiona Duncan, The Chair of the Independent Care Review soon (who was also crying buckets with me) to tell her more about my story.

So my experience was an emotional rollercoaster, but it was the amazing and I loved every second of it.

Thanks so much Aamina for sharing your reflection and being such a star on the day of the conference (and every other day!). All across Scotland there are young people who need a helping hand to develop confidence like Aamina. Can you become a mentor & help them do it?

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