Mentoring matters to Dundee!

In 2024, we’re looking for your help to provide more young people with a mentor who’s there just for them. MCR mentors spend one hour a week listening to and encouraging their young person. The only qualification you need to be a mentor is the desire to help. Young people are matched with a volunteer based on their personalities, interests and career aspirations.  All young people are different and have different needs, so it’s important that our mentors come from all walks of life.

Role models make a life-changing difference to young people. Additionally, mentoring has been shown to make a powerful and positive impact on those who give their time and support. The Motivation, Commitment and Resilience of our young people and mentors inspires us and pushes us forward every day. 

Sign up today and find out more about mentoring in Dundee schools including: Baldragon Academy, Braeview Academy, Craigie High School, Grove Academy, Harris Academy, Morgan Academy, Rockwell Learning Centre, St John’s RC High School and St Paul’s RC Academy

What is a Mentor

Mentors spend an hour each week listening to and encouraging a young person in their school. The relationship that develops is what makes the difference. Can you help a young person to build their confidence and discover their potential? 

A Mentor Is...


How Does it Work?

The MCR team and your school’s Pathways Coordinator are here to help support your relationship every step of the way. We provide ongoing training and resources to help you encourage your young person to be their best.

To sign, up we ask that you watch a short video and tell us a bit about yourself in preparation for your one-to-one.

After this you’ll take part in a one-to-one conversation. This helps us make an inspired match between our mentors and young people!

Next, there’s a Training Session where you’ll learn mentoring tips and essential information. 

To make the best match, we take the information from the one-to-one and find the young person you can help most with your unique life experiences.

Mentors meet their mentee in-person for just one hour a week, where you can decide together how best to use the time!

Why Mentoring Matters

MCR mentoring transforms lives. Scotcen, the Scottish arm of Britain’s leading independent social research institute NatCen, found that 81.6% of mentored care-experienced young people leave school to a positive destination (full-time employment, further education, or higher education) compared to 59.8% of care-experienced non-mentored school leavers.

There’s amazing potential in our young people, potential that’s often hampered because of difficult life experiences. Mentors bridge talent with opportunity. By spending just one hour a week listening and being there for your young person you will empower them to find, grow and use their talents.

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