Your route to becoming a mentor

Over the past year, we’ve adapted the key steps to becoming a mentor to ensure we can continue providing the vital support young people need. 

Our mentors spend an hour each week listening to and encouraging a young person in their school setting. When one person mentors, two lives are changed.

Take the first step today! 

What is the mentor journey?

To become an MCR mentor we ask that you complete 6 stages. These ensure that you are fully confident and prepared to mentor, and helps us make the best possible match to encourage a long-lasting friendship.

Step 1: Registration

You register on the website by completing our online form here, which helps us to get to know you better so we can find the right match for you.

Step 2: Watch our Info Session

Our introduction to the MCR programme is normally presented at a location near you, however we now provide the option to watch a recorded information session, or attend a live session via Zoom.

Click here to see the latest live session dates.

Step 3: One to One Conversation

Next you’ll be invited in for a 1:1 conversation with a member of our team (by phone or camera-facing internet call). This gives you an opportunity to talk about yourself – including your hobbies, interests, school life and career path. This is an important step as we’ll match you with a young person based on your experiences and interests.

We will also chat to you about your PVG online form.

Step 4: Training

Mentors aren’t just thrown in the deep end with a young person and expected to know what to do! You’ll be invited to attend a Training Session where you’ll learn useful information and helpful mentoring tips. This is a group session which takes around 3 hours (including a break) and we have been hosting these online since summer 2020.

Step 5: Matching

Almost there! Once your PVG application is approved, our matching panel will review your profile and try to find your potential match. There are many factors involved in this process, including personality, interests and even schedules. We will keep you updated and let you know when we have a possible match.

Step 6: Meeting

Once you’re matched, we’ll arrange an induction with your new Pathways Coordinator and meet your young person. Mentoring sessions are just one hour a week during the school day, at whatever time is best for both to meet. We ask you to commit to at least a year in order to properly build a relationship.

Still have unanswered questions? Get in touch with our team by emailing or call 0141 221 0200. 

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