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MCR Pathways is a Scottish mentoring charity which supports young people in or on the edges of the care-system to realise their full potential through education. These young people have the same talents as their peers, regardless of their home life and circumstances, but for many, that potential has yet to be discovered.

The charity has well over 1,000 mentors across Scotland but there are many more young people who need an adult they can meet in their school to support and encourage them. Can you help a young person realise their full potential?

All you need is one hour a week and a willingness to put a young person first. MCR Pathways will provide all the training and support you need.

You can sign up to mentor in any Glasgow Secondary, as well as Clydebank High and Our Lady & St Patricks in West Dunbartonshire, and other surrounding areas.

Mentors tell us how much they gain from the relationship they build with the young person they have been carefully matched with. They even gain new leadership and coaching skills for the workplace.

“I found it so rewarding to follow the journey of a 14-year-old in 3rd year of school right through to an amazing 18-year-old leaving school for college. It was a wonderful experience.”

Jill, Mentor, Knightswood Academy

“If you want to help young people, the MCR Programme is a fantastic way to make an impact. The structure and support from the MCR team make it easy for the mentors to just turn up and do their bit. I never imagined I would personally get so much out of it. It has been great!”

Moyna, Mentor, Whitehill Secondary

MCR Pathways has continued to support young people with its mentoring programme throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

The charity are passionate about ensuring that vital support is ensured and they have been listening to young people and mentors to adapt at this time. In their recent lockdown survey of over 1,000 young people, more than 82% said they wanted a mentor’s help. Could you sign up?

If you are interested in mentoring a young person to help them realise their potential, MCR would love to hear from you. They have also modified their sign-up journey, taking you through the majority of the process online.

Visit to register and complete their online info session to find out more. Why not also follow them on social media @MCRPathways to hear from young people, mentors, schools and organisations.

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