Mentoring charity is expanding

Published by The Times

Written by Constance Kampfner

The former children’s commissioner for England is to help drive the expansion of a Scottish school mentoring programme south of the border.

Anne Longfield is to become a trustee of MCR Pathways, a charity with 3,120 volunteers that guides young people in care. The organisation was founded in 2007 by Iain MacRitchie, a business adviser, to help disadvantaged pupils in Glasgow.

It has expanded across Scotland and is now operating in schools in England. The charity, which has won a UK Centre for Social Justice award, hopes to extend into London and the southeast and north of England.

In Scotland it will go from supporting 3,000 children a week to 15,000, thanks to a £24 million grant from the Scottish government supported by the Hunter Foundation.

Fay Gingell, a former council education leader, is the charity’s new chief executive

She said: “MCR provides vital relationships that anchor our young people and give them hope and aspiration. It also has a profound impact on education outcomes and wellbeing. The need post-pandemic is massive.”

Longfield said: “Young people have had a tough couple of years, and it is vital that they have the help, support and opportunities to help them bounce back and succeed.”

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