MCR Pathways and University of Strathclyde Announce Revolutionary Leadership Course

Leadership Through MCR Mentoring

For the past year we’ve been working on something exceptional! We’ve partnered with the University of Strathclyde to create a revolutionary leadership training course based on the MCR mentoring model. The course, Leadership Through MCR Mentoring, will launch in June and will be accredited at SCQF Level 7 (Equivalent to a First year BA/BSc level) by the University of Strathclyde. The course will build exceptional leadership skills through the MCR model of relationship focussed mentoring.

We’ve known for years that mentoring not only helps young people, but also provides mentors with essential skills – including empathy and active listening – that have an enormously positive impact in the workplace. The University of Strathclyde is the ideal organisation for us to partner with to deliver this pioneering training programme. Not only is the university committed to social and system transformation, they have also worked closely with MCR for a number of years and have committed to have 20% of their staff become active mentors.

David Hillier, Executive Dean and Professor of Finance at the University of Strathclyde Business School, realised very early on that mentoring not only makes a profound difference to young people, but would also help his staff.

David Hillier

From the training MCR Pathways gives, they’ll develop these leadership skills which will put them in a great position for developing their own career. This course is important to our society. It’s innovative and never been done before. As we go on and make it sustainable we don’t plan to finish at this level of study. If you want to improve yourself in your workforce this is for you.

We envision this program for people who maybe haven’t gone on to university but still want to make a difference. The University of Strathclyde was founded on the belief that university is not just for the elite”

This two-year long course mixes academic and practiced based learning – through mentoring a disadvantaged young person in school – providing a potent and powerful combination. The three modules in the programme will raise participants’ confidence in mentoring and coaching, both in a workplace setting and as an MCR Pathways mentor. The course’s aim is to help participants develop their skills, knowledge and aptitude as both leaders and mentors.

“Research has shown that the best leaders are those who can empathise with people. The best way that you can really learn to empathise with people is to work with others. Working with others in a very non-judgemental way, and to understand and to empathise with individuals,” stated David Hillier.

Leadership qualities are understood but there are few opportunities for front line experience-based learning. MCR Mentoring is a way to learn and experience these leadership skills firsthand in a highly rewarding and life-changing way.

There are a limited number of spaces for first registration, but please get in touch with to find out more. Training shall commence with an Introduction to the programme on June 12th.


Can you #GiveAnHour to become a mentor? All over the city organisations are inviting our young people into their workplaces to give them a taste of what working life is like. Can your organisation help?

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