Hitting Your CSR Goals & Making 2020 Count

2020 has been a year like no other, budgets are tighter and stresses are high. Despite these challenges, we know that organisations across Scotland are still looking for ways to give back and make a real contribution to their communities. As the year comes to a close and organisations are planning their 2021 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals, here’s why we think your organisation should consider supporting MCR Mentoring.

It boosts your team’s core skills

Our partners and volunteers tell us that mentoring has nearly as much of an impact on them as it does their young person. It develops key communication and leadership skills. Research from Accenture found that 76% of employees who volunteered felt they developed core work skills and increased productivity.

“In business, you have a title, a rank and you can make things happen just by asking. In mentoring, you don’t have power as such. You just have the ability to listen, to discuss and to suggest. It’s a whole different set of skills that are called upon and I think those skills can be used very effectively in business. It really stretches your listening skills, your persuasiveness, your empathy, and mentoring tests a lot of soft skills in a way that day to day work doesn’t.” Scott McCroskie, CEO Edrington

“I have learned to adapt quickly to situations and even change my style of communication. You react to what that person’s saying and the training really helped with that. When I think back to the first time we met to where we are now, our relationship has grown so much, it’s just amazing how it has developed.” Natalie Hodge, Scottish Power

Your team can feel the difference they make

While donations and other initiatives are a brilliant way to support causes, mentoring has the added benefit of helping your team feel like they are making a truly personal and impactful difference. This kind of volunteering can also make your team feel more connected to your organisation.

89% of respondents felt that organisations who sponsor volunteer activities offer a better working environment than those who do not 87% of employees who volunteered reported greater pride in the company.

“I would say it’s really fulfilling, it’s positive, it’s good for the soul and good for the heart and it really refreshes you.” Emma Dalton, Supplier Relationship Coordinator

“I think my mentee has started to believe in himself more, and realise he is the leader of his own destiny. He’s started to realise that he has what it takes to do what he wants to do and stop relying on other people’s opinions. I think you definitely get a feeling of pride. You get absolute real highs seeing positive outcomes, seeing them make those decisions.” Emma O’Neil, Race Disparity Partnership Manager, Department of Work and Pensions

It just takes one hour a week & fits in even the busiest of diaries

Mentoring takes just one hour a week and is made to be flexible. Our school team works directly with you and your young person to ensure that your meetings take place at a time that works for everyone. Right now meetings are even taking place virtually too. All this can be discussed with the MCR team when you meet them during the sign up process.

“I just fit it around my other commitments in the week, if anything it makes me manage my diary better! It’s actually much easier than you think to find an hour in your working week.” Laura Couper, Manager at Wise Group

“In the two years I’ve been seeing my mentee, I’ve only had to cancel one time due to work commitments, everything else has been controlled. The local senior officers are putting this opportunity out there for all officers across all of the areas.” Sandy Gillespie Group Manager, Scottish Fire & Rescue

Your organisation can #BeTheBridge

Mentoring is an outstanding way for you to meet your Corporate Social Responsibility goals, whilst making a powerful impact in your community. ScotCen, the Scottish arm of NatCen, Britain’s largest independent social research agency, in their independent study found that 81.6% of care-experienced mentored young people left school to college, university or employment, compared to just 59.8% of non care-experienced pupils.

Mentoring makes the difference and your organisation can be part of that transformational change. Contact us today to learn more about how we can partner.

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