MCR Pathways Brings Mentoring to England

Become a mentor and help a young person build confidence, raise aspirations and achieve better qualifications. All it takes is 1 hour a week.

Young Herts Talent

We are thrilled to be launching Young Herts Talent in partnership with Hertfordshire County Council in 2021. 

Mentoring Matters

There is amazing potential in our young people, potential that’s often hampered because of difficult life experiences. Mentors help young people to discover their potential and explore opportunities. By spending just one hour a week, listening and being there for your young person, you will empower them to find, grow and use their talents.

MCR Pathways is a national charity. Our vision is that every care-experienced young person, or those who have experienced disadvantage, gets the same education outcomes, career opportunities and life chances as every other young person.

Volunteer mentors spend one hour a week listening to and encouraging their young person. The only qualification you need to be a mentor is the desire to help and be there. Our mentors help the young person they are matched with, to realise their full potential and be empowered with the confidence and belief to make it happen.

The MCR Model

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Primary School Transition

Pathways Coordinator

Group Work


Pathways Coordinators and school staff work in partnership to support Primary Transition to enable early identification of students who will be eligible for the programme before they move to secondary school. This allows the young people in scope and their parents and carers to have an understanding of the MCR programme and how this will benefit the young person in secondary school. It also enables the young people to build a relationship with their Pathways Coordinator and be better prepared for commencing Group Work and their journey on the programme.

Each school is assigned a full-time Pathways Coordinator who helps with building, facilitating, monitoring and supporting all MCR relationships with young people, mentors and school staff. They coordinate events, activities and work experience opportunities for the young people. In addition, they also monitor growth and goals to ensure young people progress on their education pathway. Each school has a school nominated member of staff as a School Link member at senior management level who works closely with the Pathways Coordinator. Coordinators deliver Group Work to year seven and year eight students and support mentoring relationships.

Pathways Coordinators deliver a group work programme tailored for MCR Year 7 and 8 pupils to help them form stronger links with their peers and the wider school community.

The 28 week group work sessions are delivered to classes of 10-15 young people in each year group and focus on building confidence, employability and life skills, as well as improving literacy and numeracy skills. This allows Pathways Coordinators to build trust and form individual relationships with each young person. The curriculum was developed by former and current teaching and professional staff. By the end of Year 8 the young people are ready to be introduced to a mentor in Year 9 who will help them find, grow and use their talents.

When young people in the MCR Programme progress from 8th to 9th year they are matched with a mentor who will meet with them each week for one hour (or equivalent school period). Mentors and mentees are matched based on shared interest, experience and/or the young person’s career aspirations. Mentors provide support and a non judgemental listening ear. Our mentors come from every walk of life, age groups and types of organisations. They are united by their desire to realise the full potential of their young person by empowering them with the confidence and belief to achieve their goals.
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Prue Leith
MCR Pathways are an amazing charity. They provide mentors to children who are in or on the edges of the care system, in their final years of school. They help them to achieve their potential and overcome their difficulties.
Prue Leith
Presenting a CSJ Award 2021
June 2021
Daniel, straight away, was an absolute pleasure to work with. He’s genuinely gone through tough things in his life, but it’s not stopped him from being a happy, resilient and upbeat person. We are talking about more stuff and it feels like the conversation is going into new places - and there’s trust there between us that the conversation can go there. That’s where the satisfaction comes from.
Ross Armstrong
I don’t think words could describe or if you 100% know the impact you’ve had on me, I definitely I don’t think you do. I prayed that every other kid that is like me gets a chance to meet someone like you, even if it’s not a mentor, just a day with Chrissy is like the best thing.
Young Person
As time goes on, she trusts me more and trust has opened up between us. We chat about life, and decisions and everything in between, which is great. It's the relationship that matters, so making an hour is week is not a chore. The challenge is really being the best you can be for someone else, instead of for yourself.
Ali MacLachlan
With my mentor, Charlie, I can truly be myself. Charlie has been beside me the whole way. He shared how he got through tough times in his life. He’s helped me focus. He’s helped me think I could go to college, which is something I've never believed before.
Young Person
My mentee bounces up to reception where we meet and seems excited to see me. I can’t wait to see how the relationship grows and I already know that once my young person leaves school, I want to be able to begin the process again.
North Ayrshire

Measuring The Impact

Mentors bridge talent with opportunity. By spending just one hour a week listening and being there for your young person you will empower them to unlock their potential.

ScotCen’s 2020 three year study on MCR found that mentoring profoundly impacts care-experienced pupil’s education outcomes. Compared to non mentored care-experienced young people, those who were mentored were more likely to: 

Achieve one or more SCQF Level 5 qualification (%)

Leave school to college, university or employment (%)

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