Diarmid McBride, Head Of People, Allied Vehicles Group

For more than 20 years, Diarmid has worked in Corporate HR leadership roles and developed expertise in areas such as performance, productivity and organisational culture. Most recently he has taken on the role of Head Of People at Allied Vehicles Group.

At heart, Diarmid is a people person who loves making new connections and building relationships, while having fun along the way. Find out why Diarmid decided to become a mentor:

Why did you choose to volunteer with MCR Pathways?

“I’m passionate about helping people grow and develop. When I heard Iain talk at a Leadership seminar I was hooked and couldn’t wait to help some young people become the best they can be!”

What was it like getting ready to be a mentor?

“It was nerve-racking! My most recent corporate role was EMEA Head of HR for a Japanese multinational, responsible for 22 countries, and yet I was as nervous as I’ve ever been before my interview!”

What was it like the first time you met your young person?

“It was daunting as I recognised the huge responsibility on my shoulders. I had no idea what his expectations of me and our relationship would be.”

What changes have you seen in your young person?

“I’m now mentoring my second young person and it’s still very early in the mentoring relationship. Already though, I feel that I’ve been able to put him at ease and help him recognise the potential that he has. I always feel that it’s those early building blocks that are most important.”

What do you gain from mentoring?

“I love feeling that I’m able to give something back. It only takes up one hour of my time and it is honestly the most rewarding hour of my week!”

What is the best thing about being a mentor?

“Knowing that I am part of such an important group of like minded individuals who are giving up their time and are genuinely making a difference to the lives of so many young people.”

What would you say to others about mentoring?

“As some sports company said,“Just Do it!!” I must talk to people about becoming a mentor most days! Every potential mentor has something to give even if they don’t think they do. We all have different experiences.That’s what counts and that’s what makes the difference in supporting young people to even greater success.”

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