Wheatley Group

Wheatley Group provides large housing, care and property-management groups. They are the UK’s largest builder of social rented homes. Wheatley Group has been a Pioneering Partner with MCR Pathways since 2013.

Watch the video below to hear from mentors from the Wheatley team about their favourite parts of mentoring. Keep reading below to learn more about why Wheatley at large support mentoring.

How is your organisation involved with MCR Pathways?

“We’re a Pioneering Partner – we’ve got more than 50 staff members signed up as mentors and we’ve been working with our organisation partners to help grow that. We’re also well on our way to delivering 40 Talent Tasters across our Group, from housing, to care, to our support services.We’ve even seconded four members of Wheatley staff over to YGT to help grow the Talent Taster programme.

I’m really proud that Wheatley do so much to support YGT and young people throughout Glasgow.”

Why did you want to work specifically with MCR Pathways?

“Our partnership is really an opportunity to help transform the lives of young people. Many of these young people live in our homes, in our communities. We want to help create better futures for them across Glasgow. The impact mentoring has had for some of these disadvantaged young people has been really profound.”

How does your organisation and staff benefit from working with MCR?

“Mentoring can be really rewarding for staff, on both a professional and a personal level. A lot of our staff have found that mentoring can be a great opportunity to give something back and make a positive difference. Our staff who have volunteered to become mentors have told us that it’s has actually helped them to develop their own coaching and relationship building skills, which we know is really important.”

What would you say to other organisations thinking about getting involved with MCR Pathways?

“MCR and the fantastic work that they do has inspired some of our Wheatley employees to take up a volunteer role as a mentor or to help with Talent Tasters. I’ve run a couple of Talent Tasters myself and I’ve found it humbling and a great opportunity for me to be involved in at work. I’m really proud that Wheatley do so much young people throughout Glasgow and in our communities.”

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