Millie’s* Story: With Support Comes Confidence

Like many young people who have missed out on a stable, nurturing start in life, Millie* lived in foster care for many years as her relationship with her family was fractured. Understandably, this kind of disruption and instability caused Millie great anxiety and stress; however, she was lucky to have found a very supportive family […]

Yao’s* Story: From Early Struggles to Living the Dream!

MCR Pathways Green Square

Many young people in the Young Scottish Talent programme will have to face difficulties in life that their peers never will, but things can work out and get better if the help is there. MCR Pathways strives to bridge the gap and provide the much-needed support and guidance that no young person should miss out […]

Daniel’s* Story: A Nudge in the Right Direction is All it Takes

MCR Pathways Purple Square

Many of our young people have incredible talent and the ability to do whatever they put their minds to, but just need nudged in the right direction. One such young person was Daniel* of King’s Park Secondary in Glasgow, whose potential was obvious to others but his attitude affected his school life. Daniel lived with […]

Charlene’s* Story: A Helping Hand to Support an Incredible Person

MCR Pathways Red Square

In addition to their studies, a number of our young people are also primary carers for parents or guardians and have a lot more on their mind than the typical teenager. Charlene*, from St Machar Academy in Aberdeen, is one such amazing young person. She had been a young carer for her mum since a […]