Will you take on the MCR mentor challenge?

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In 2022 our volunteer mentors helped us reach record numbers of young people. Each of these mentoring relationships has the potential to be life changing.

But we know there’s more to do. In 2023 we’re looking for your help to provide more young people with a mentor who’s there just for them. Being an MCR mentor isn’t easy, it takes time and persistence, but it’s worth it.

Throughout the year, we’ll be sharing real stories from our young people before, and after mentoring. We know these aren’t going to be easy for everyone to read, but we also know that it’s these stories that are most powerful in showcasing why we’re so passionate about what we do, and why you should be too.

Some content in these stories will include topics that individuals may find upsetting, so we’d like to take this opportunity to encourage readers to prepare themselves for that beforehand.

These stories would be easy to stop reading. It would be even easier to have never started and to ignore the challenges our young people face. It’s easy to ignore that just an hour of your time a week could turn a young person’s life around.

But every day we hear from the young people we help and the positive impact mentoring has had on their life. We also hear from our mentors who tell us that despite the challenge, it’s worth it.

Not every young person has a trusted adult around them to turn to. It isn’t the role of our mentors to fix these things, but to be a stable presence in an unstable life, a trusted figure who will listen to and encourage a young person in a world where no one else has, or will.

'An hour a week, a lifetime of impact' MCR Pathways' 2023 mentor recruitment campaign landscape-style social media feed asset featuring a young person asking: "Will you mentor someone like me"?
Starting this February, we will be sharing real stories from our young people, and the differences mentoring makes. Click the image to view more social media assets.

Each young person’s life is unique, and each one of the issues that they face has weight and validity. They all deserve support in their life, and without the help of MCR Pathways and its volunteer mentors, they might not have any. We know it’s difficult to accept that kind of responsibility. It’s difficult, in a world where no one has it easy, to know that you can help someone who has it worse.

If you’ve made it to the end of this blog, and taken the time to read the stories of Mona and Rodrigo, then you have what it takes to make a real difference to a young person’s life. An hour a week is all it takes to have a lifetime of impact.

Will you take on the challenge?

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* If you’ve been affected by any of the content raised in the events that you’ve just read, then please visit NHS Mental Health Services to access a list of helpful resources.

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