Voices from Herts: Reflecting on the MCR Pathways Programme

Broadcast by Hemel Talk Podcast

A few months ago, the Hemel Talk Podcast were joined by Ernest and Peter, Mentor Recruitment Managers in Herts, Dom, Regional Pathways Coordinator, and volunteer mentors Keith and Shaun,  discussing what MCR Pathways means to them and how its values resonate with their own. 

Additionally, you’ll hear about the roles of Ernest, Peter, and Dom, receive feedback from some of the young people in the programme, and gain insights from the volunteer mentors.

Curious about the process of registering to become a volunteer mentor, how the matching process works, and what unfolds during your weekly 1:1 once you are matched? Have a listen here:

Are you an empathetic and understanding person who has a spare hour each week to make a positive difference in a young person’s life? If so, join today!

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