Suzanne Burns, HR & Communications Director STV Group plc

Suzanne works for STV Group plc, a leading media company, in the corporate side of the business. It is a fascinating industry where she has the privilege of working with creative people – something she says she isn’t – and those who are passionate about delivering great content for STV’s audiences and commercial partners. Outside of work, she enjoys exercise, wide open spaces and the company of family and friends.

Find out why she decided to become a mentor:

Suzanne Burns

Why did you choose to volunteer with MCR Pathways?

I was intrigued when I first heard about MCR Pathways. My introduction was through the STV Children’s Appeal which has been a keen supporter of MCR for a number of years, and recognises the positive impact that the programme makes. It sounded like such a straightforward and obvious approach but one that was making a very significant difference and I wanted to learn more…then I was introduced to MCR’s Founder Iain MacRitchie and his enthusiasm is infectious so my decision was made!

What was it like getting ready to be a mentor?

The process was much more straightforward than I expected thanks to the great team at MCR Pathways. The selection and training process is highly organised, informative and helpful.

My first mentor meeting was exciting and nerve-racking in equal measure. Of course you are hoping that there will be a connection and happily that was the case.

What changes have you seen in your mentee?

I think, through the conversations that we have, my mentee has more self belief and confidence in their ability and potential. I feel my young person benefits from having some time to focus and reflect on their self as an individual and to think about their options and choices.

What do you gain from mentoring?

So many things. Apart from the inspiration my mentee provides to me, it is a great way to give something back whilst using skills – listening, communication, motivating others – that are required in the world of work and life!

I often leave my weekly mentee meetings feeling that I have gained something – it is regularly the high point of my working week and that’s from someone who really enjoys her job and work!

What is the best thing about being a mentor?

Observing my mentee realising the potential they have and believing in themselves.

What would you say to others about mentoring?

Go for it; it is a highly rewarding and enjoyable experience and you will receive all the support and guidance you require from the MCR Pathways team and your fellow mentors.

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