Shout Out – Our Young Ambassadors

Despite the challenges they face, every day our young people shine with their creativity, effort, and accomplishments. From volunteering and working on their Duke of Edinburgh awards to keeping up attendance and acing their exams, our young people are giving it their all and deserve to be celebrated. We see the hard work they do and would love to share it with you!As the dust settles following our first ever national conference, this month we’re giving a Shout Out to the 50+ Young Ambassadors who helped organise the it. Not only did they give up their Easter break(!) to come into the MCR Anderston hub and prepare for the conference, they also designed the workshops, rehearsed the drama presentations and created the films and animations.

The team designed the creative format of the conference to ask delegates to consider the problems facing today’s youth from their perspective. Young people ran the show, everything from hosting, to social media, to running workshops. They amazed us every step of the way!

Our young people respectfully disrupted the conversation and challenged attendees to take action and make inspired decisions. The aim of the conference was to reframe the conversation so young people had an active voice. Thank you to all those who came together to create and lead presentations and workshops. Your bravery and talent inspires us every day.


We’re working with more than 1000 young people each week! But despite that fab number, there are still another 831 pupils in Glasgow alone that are hoping for a mentor. Mentors build a trusting, caring relationship with their young people which is the prerequisite for young people to accomplish their dreams. Can you become a mentor and work with one of our fab young people? When one person mentors, two lives are changed.

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