Roslynn Mackay, Co-owner and Finance Director of Frame Group

Roslynn Mackay is Co-owner and Finance Director of Frame Group, one of Scotland’s leading creative marketing agencies. Frame represents a variety of high profile organisations and personalities, from UEFA to the R&A, from Social Bite to National Trust for Scotland. She is also a board director of the global manufacturing business Smith & McLaurin, and an active investor in many up and coming businesses. Roslynn qualified as a CA from Glasgow University and bravely stepped away from her career for 20 years to raise her three sons, before reinventing herself and her career in her late 40s. 

Roslynn has gained a wealth of experience from her journey. After the loss of her husband, Roslynn restarted her career and carved out a niche which has led her to a share in one of the country’s fastest growing and most exciting creative marketing agencies.

Find out why Roslynn decided to become a mentor:

Why did you choose to volunteer with MCR Pathways?

“I was very keen to support a young person in the way I was supported at that age. My parents understood the power of encouragement and education – I was the first in my family to go to university. I believe I can assist a young person with that.”

What was it like getting ready to be a mentor?

“The training was helpful and it made me eager to to get started.”

What was it like the first time you met your young person?

“Slightly nerve-racking, but exciting. I was full of self-doubt but it was much less daunting than I thought it would be. I realized that my young person was as nervous as I was, which actually helped us both.”

What changes have you seen in your mentee?

“My young person is beginning to confide in me and use me as a sounding board, which is a great result. I can see her growing in confidence too. We are at the very early stages of our relationship – we hopefully will work together over the next 3 years.”

What do you gain from mentoring?

“I’m learning to listen. I’ve definitely gained perspective and an appreciation for how fortunate I have been. I really do enjoy my 50 minutes with my young person.”

What is the best thing about being a mentor?

“Being there for someone, caring but having a professional detachment too.”

What would you say to others about mentoring?

“Do it now – it’s fabulous to be part of.”

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