Cushman and Wakefield – Rob Worboys Challenge 2021 Recap

Every year, Cushman and Wakefield host the Rob Worboys Challenge which collectively raises money for charities throughout the UK. With help from one mentor at Cushman & Wakefield, MCR was kindly selected as one of this year’s nominated charities for the event on June 10th alongside Think Forward, Resurgo and Into University.

The event traditionally takes place in Arran, where participants cycle once around the island in the morning and then climb the island’s highest peak, Goatfell, in the afternoon.  With restrictions still in place, this year’s event was done virtually. Entrants were tasked with a 3.5 hour cycle in the morning and a 3.5 hour run/walk in the afternoon for the Full Worboys Challenge, while those who took part in the Half Worboys Challenge had to run/walk for 3.5 hours. Participants were split up into a number of teams, all over the country, and collectively had to try to cover the most distance combined with the highest elevation.

Someone who is always looking for a challenge is MCR’s Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Simon Marshall, who took part in the Full Worboys Challenge. He shared his thoughts and experiences below.

“After seeing that MCR were selected as one of the chosen charities for this year’s Rob Worboys Challenge, I wanted to get involved, raise some money and see what it was all about. I’ve ran a number of half and full marathons, as well as participated in triathlons over the past nine years. As there have been no official events since the start of 2020, it was great to collectively be involved in something and have a bit of competition.

“The toughest part of preparing for the event was picking a route for both the cycle and the run! As I stay in Lanarkshire, I had picked a 20 mile route for the morning cycle taking me through Carluke, Lanark, down the Clydeside and up past the Garrion Bridge and back to where I started.

“Starting just after 9am, there was a tough headwind which made some of the uphill sections a struggle, even on the lowest gear! I was able to get a bit of speed up as I headed to Lanark and headed down to the Clydeside. Cycling alongside the Clyde was wonderful and, thankfully, the roads weren’t too busy so I could enjoy the scenery largely in peace.

“I ended up cycling the 20 mile route twice and then a few miles at the other end to make it up to the 3.5 hours. In total, I cycled 43.15 miles and climbed 2,411ft.

“After completing the cycle just before 1pm, I had to make my way home to get ready for the afternoon run. As I don’t like to exercise on a full stomach, I had one slice of toast to compliment my morning’s diet of cereal bars and energy gels. For the afternoon’s route, I had decided to run from Baron’s Haugh in Motherwell over to Chatelherault in Ferniegair, around the park, over to Strathclyde Country Park and then back up to Motherwell.

“Much like the cycle in the morning, it was overcast to begin with, but the sun did come out as the run went on. As my legs were tired after the morning’s cycle, I couldn’t get anywhere close to my usual running pace, but the sights and sounds of the woods were a good distraction from the aches and pains. As well as the natural scenery providing a distraction, the dogs I met along the way were more than enough to keep a smile on my face! 

“As the run came to a close, I had managed just over 17 miles over the 3.5 hours and climbed 1,058ft! I was sunburnt, tired and sore, but really glad I managed to do it, contribute what I’d done for my team and the money I’d raised for taking part.

“Overall, I’d managed to cover just over 60 miles and climb 3,469ft! It was tough, but it’s something I’d be happy to do again, especially under normal conditions. Who knows for the future! Thanks again to everyone who supported and donated to the collective cause. The donations will go a long way to support even more young people in MCR’s programmes.” 

The final results from the day saw “The High Fives” winning the Full Worboys, whose team featured one of the outstanding performances of the day from Thibald Gerardin. Thibald cycled 67 miles and climbed 5,266ft, while he ran 19.4 miles and achieved 3,060ft elevation! The winner of the Half Worboys went to “Team Hardie”, where Gael Hardie ran 22.42 miles with 2,041ft of elevation.

In total, competitors covered 7,857 miles and achieved 506,437ft of elevation. A fantastic effort from everyone taking part!

The total raised from the event stands at almost £40k! Thanks to everyone who has donated to the cause! Thank you again to Cushman and Wakefield for nominating us as one of the four charities, it’s hugely appreciated and the donations will make a world of difference to our programme!

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