Premiere Launches MCR’s ‘Bridges That Transform’ Film

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“The whole evening was really enjoyable. It was lovely to see the relationship between mentors and mentees and there was a sense of success and pride in the audience. And the YGT Ambassadors were just fantastic! The new film is reassuring in that it shows that anyone can be a mentor. If you want to spend 50 minutes with a young person in school, then you’ll be a good mentor. You just need to be yourself,” Lynne Innes, Mentor.

On the 24th August, MCR was delighted to premiere our new film “Bridges That Transform”, at the Mitchell Library, hosted by our YGT Ambassadors. They introduced the films and invited young people and mentors on stage throughout the event, talking about all of their MCR experiences.

Our mentors, partners and supporters are the bridge between our young people’s incredible talent with amazing opportunity. The inspiring stories shared in the film and throughout the evening show that mentors make such an amazing difference, and get so much out of the relationship as well.

Thanks to over 1500 Glaswegians and partners who have pledged their support to MCR, over 500 young person and mentor relationship are changing lives every week. Young people right across the city are getting the support that will ensure they get equal educational outcomes, career opportunities and life chances.

“That’s the difference with MCR. It’s not about mentors doing things to help young people – it’s a two-way thing. It’s great to be involved with something that works.” Marjory Smith, Mentor

Watch our brand new film here!

For phones and mobile devices we also have a special low resolution version.

“I think the film shows that every young person has a different story, that we always need a helping hand. Some are going through emotional support situations, through a difficult time or school stuff. To anyone thinking about mentoring, I’ll say what I said in the film – just do it!” Simone, Young Person who shares her story in the Bridges That Transform film.

“Having the young people host was a fantastic idea. It showcases the development of the people involved with MCR. One of the young presenters kept saying ‘Here at YGT,’ as if there was a real pride in the organisation from the kids point of view – that is incredibly encouraging”, Benedetto Bordone, Mentor

Can you help us spread the MCR word further? The more people the film reaches, the more young people in Glasgow will get the help and support they need and deserve. The next friend, family member or colleague you share it with could be the person that changes a young Glaswegian’s life for the better!

We have many more young people asking for MCR’s help. They need mentors to make a huge difference to their confidence, educational outcomes and future life chances. Can you help them? You’ll guide disadvantaged, but utterly deserving and ambitious, young people through their education. Find out more about becoming a mentor.

Can your organisation help? To become involved in our Talent Taster programme, alongside our partners, simply GET INVOLVED!! We can’t wait to work with you to offer our city’s most needy a gateway to an expanding menu of opportunities and tasters of university, college and employment.

We’re always looking for new mentors to reach all the new young people who are coming on board with the programme. Help us spread the word by letting your friends and family know how worthwhile mentoring can be!

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