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Jas & Debbie

Both Jas & Debbie have a new outlook on life. Jas has gone from being self-described as “Gobby” to being a positive part of her school community.

Debbie, on the other hand, feels reconnected to the youth of today.

Partnering with MCR Pathways

Dozens of public and private sector organisations of all sizes partner with MCR Pathways to help their local communities and boost their staff wellbeing.

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Launching in 2007, the MCR Programme was developed in a single school – St Andrew’s in the East End. By 2017, the programme had expanded to every school in Glasgow. 

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North of Scotland

Starting in a single school in Aberdeen City in 2017, the MCR Programme has expanded across the North of Scotland to Aberdeenshire, the Highlands, Shetland and the Western Isles.

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West of Scotland

After developing the programme in Glasgow, the MCR programme was piloted in a single school in North Ayrshire before expanding to 30 schools across the region.

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East of Scotland

Starting in a single school in Edinburgh in 2018, the MCR programme has expanded to 31 schools across the region.

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South of England

MCR’s expansion into England began in 2021. Surrey joined in 2023. An expansion into East London is planned for later in 2024.

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Headteachers & Education Professionals

The MCR Programme runs in over 120 schools bringing dozens of volunteer mentors to each school community. Hear how our programme has positively impacted attainment, post-school destinations and the school community.