MCR – Scottish Mentoring Network’s Project of the Year!

On Nov 7, 2018, we were honoured to receive the Scottish Mentoring Network’s Project of The Year Award as well as their Care-Experienced Children & Young People Project at their Annual Conference. The Scottish Mentoring Network Awards are designed to give recognition to mentoring projects that have made a significant impact in their area.

The event was attended by more than 90 delegates, from more than 50 organisations all focused on mentoring. There are so many worthwhile projects represented, run by so many thoughtful, caring people striving to make improvements. Knowing this, we are especially delighted to have received this recognition.

The Power of Relationships

Young people today, especially our most disadvantaged, face increasingly complex issues. These issues, outwith their control, can affect every aspect of their lives and unfairly limit their future. But there are solutions and they don’t have to be complicated.

Relationships make the difference. When regular people give their time each week to mentor a young person they are changing lives. It’s that simple. By making that time with a young person, our mentors are showing them that they matter, that they have talent and they can have a bright future. So while this award has our name on it, the true recipients are our mentors. YOU are the change. In our film below, you can see first-hand how much mentoring matters 2 our young people.MCR have begun expanding into new local authorities and are so excited to bring mentoring to young people across Scotland. We are so grateful to the Scottish Mentoring Network for awarding us their Project of the Year, especially at this period of expansion and helping spread our message. See below for a full recap of their national conference.

Mentoring Matters 2 Scotland

Now, more than ever, we need your help to reach young people across the country and help them find, grow and use their talents. When you mentor for just one hour a week you are helping make a transformation difference. Can you become a mentor?

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