MCR Mentors To Take Part in Social Bite Event Supporting Homeless

Donna and Liam

Former MCR Pathways young person Liam will be taking part in December’s ‘Sleep in the Park’ event with his mentor Donna, raising funds to end homelessness in Scotland.

Liam, now an MCR mentor himself, will join Donna and over 9000 other participants who will spend the night of 9th December sleeping out in the freezing cold streets of Edinburgh.

End Homelessness

Liam and Donna have already raised over £1000 for the event’s charity, Social Bite. Funds raised will go towards providing vulnerable individuals with housing, rehabilitation, job opportunities and the support they need to get back on their feet.

It’s a cause particularly close to Liam, who faced homelessness when he was younger. Sadly, many young people, including MCR supports, face homelessness which brings the instability and uncertainty. The MCR Pathways team are very committed to highlighting the problem and the support that is needed. We are exceptionally proud and inspired by Liam who continues to give a helping hand to vulnerable young people by mentoring through MCR Pathways.

MCR supports over 900 care experienced young people across Glasgow, but many more youngsters in the city are asking for our help. They need a volunteer mentor to make a huge difference to their confidence, educational outcomes and future life chances.

Can you help them?

Find out more about becoming a mentor.

Can your organisation help? To become involved in our Talent Taster programme, alongside our partners, simply GET INVOLVED!! We can’t wait to work with you. When you get deliver talent tasters you’re offering our city’s most needy a gateway to  opportunities .

Additionally, we’re always looking for mentors to reach the new young people who are coming on board with the programme. Help us spread the word by letting your friends and family know how worthwhile mentoring can be!

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