How MCR Mentoring Can Kick Start Your Career as a New Graduate

MCR Pathways matches young people with volunteer mentors to help them find, grow and use their talent. In addition to the enormous benefits for Scotland’s young people, it can also be an excellent way to sharpen skills.

For recent graduates, mentoring experience can give you an edge, both in personal development and in the workplace. Businesses and organisations are becoming increasingly aware of the wider benefits of volunteering, making the experience hugely beneficial to graduates in terms of employability.

Below are the 5 reasons we think mentoring is a great fit for any new graduate

1. It Sharpens Your Skills

Mentoring can be a key way to develop  essential communication and listening skills. These skills are also brilliant for networking, which can help you grow in your career. 

Peter Vincent, Graduate Project Officer at Glasgow Life, shares

“My mentee wants to feel listened to and sometimes wants specific advice when he’s out of ideas. This requires me to really listen to the kid and to help him in a way that makes him enthusiastic about his options. Skills like these are super useful for your personal and professional life.” 

2. It Teaches You How To Lead

Recent graduates can also enhance their leadership skills through mentoring, as you will learn how to coach, give feedback and manage relationships. 

Ken Lindsay at Chivas Brothers felt that mentoring really helped him hone these abilities:

“I have learned a lot about listening rather than talking, coaching rather than providing solutions, understanding there is not just one possible outcome, and empathising rather than being judgemental.”

3. You’ll Become A Pro At Time Management

For new graduate Peter, making the time each week to meet his young person was a challenge at first, but he made it work despite his busy work schedule. This soon made him a pro at managing his diary and his time. 

Peter said: “I choose to do MCR because mentoring is an important skill, I could fit it in my diary and it is a powerful experience helping a kid to grow despite difficult circumstances.”

4. You Can Help You Shape Your City

By supporting pupils in schools, you’ll be more connected with young people and the area you live and work in. This helps us play a part in directing the future for our next generation.

Clare Burke, Senior Information Governance Officer at Glasgow City Council, says

As an experienced mentor myself, I realised it was an opportunity for the graduates to broaden their skills and experience through enhanced listening, influencing and commitment qualities. It provides an opportunity to understand how you can shape the future for our City by bringing out the best in our Young People –The Future!” 

5. It Makes You Happier & More Productive

Research shows that 89% of employees who volunteered reported increased satisfaction (Accenture, 2016). Starting your career is daunting and there can be a lot of pitfalls along the way. Mentoring can be a great way to step outside your day to day concerns, helping you go back to the office rejuvenated.

Frances McSorley Pearson from Glasgow Life told us:

The feeling of well-being, the satisfaction and making a difference in somebody’s life just by sitting there listening and being there for them and trying to steer them in the right direction.”

Can you become a mentor?

Mentoring is a fab way to make a huge difference in your city while also growing your skills. It just takes one hour a week, but the impact can last a lifetime. Sign up today and start your journey.

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