YST Ambassador Liam’s Work Experience

My name is Liam and I am a YST (which stands for Young Scottish Talent) Ambassador from Whitehill Secondary School in Glasgow. I am currently in S5 and wondering what to do when I leave school at the end of S6. I am interested in marketing so I have decided to use my study leave to do 1 day of work experience a week at MCR Pathways. Part of my work experience is writing this blog, below I will talk about each week and what I’ve done. Enjoy reading!

Week 1

On my first day I was nervous. I was dropped off by my MCR Pathways Coordinator Sharon. When I was dropped off a member of staff met me outside MCR’s offices at the Mitchell Library in Glasgow. I was took inside and signed myself in, I then took a seat on the comfy couch and waited on Dana to come in to work with me. 

When Dana came in we sat down and spoke about what we’d be doing over the next few weeks for my work experience, we made a rough plan of what I’d work on and immediately began working on the first thing. I then was given an MCR email to access some things and I immediately began working on the internet safety quiz. 

I see too many people posting silly things and not being careful online these days, especially teenagers so I decided to make the quiz for S1s and S2s to see how aware they are of internet safety. 

Week 2

During the second week of my work experience I met Debbie who works for MCR and she is also a mentor. So I sat down and interviewed her about her experience of mentoring. Before the interview, I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect but when the interview started I began to relax and felt more comfortable as I got to know more about Debbie. While I interviewed Debbie I recorded it on my phone, and after the interview I went upstairs to a quiet room and sat down with the laptop and my phone to transcribe the interview. 

While I listened back to the interview I had to type out exactly everything that was said so I found this quite annoying and boring but when I began to type up the success story I realised why transcribing was so important.

Week 3

I was getting used to the job now as I was on my 3rd week of work experience, this week was pretty fun for me as I learned how to type up the success story and publish it to the website. I began by reading through the transcription and then I went over to WordPress, where the MCR website is hosted, and pasted the transcription before making some small grammar edits and formating the success story. 

Once I finished making small grammar edits and formatting I was able to publish the success story to the website! After I published the success story I drafted up the social media posts for the success story. 

Week 4

I was in the marketing mood now as it was my 4th week of work experience, this week I began to draft up this blog and I posted the social media posts for my success story. 

I also began to work on some other projects which I look forwarding to publishing in the near future. Keep watching the website because there’s more to come!

Week 5

This week is my final week of work experience and I have definitely enjoyed it. I got to meet so much more people and learn so much more things to boost my knowledge of the world of work and the world of marketing. During my final day of work experience at MCR Pathways I got to attend a meeting and a training session which was great as I got to see how meetings and training work, as well as this I finished this blog which was really good as I have been meaning to get this blog finished.

Now that my MCR Pathways work experience is over I’m sad but happy it happened, I hope that at some point in the future I can do more work with MCR. As I am a YST Ambassador, there is lots more I will be doing with MCR in the near future which I look forward to. 

When I started my work experience I was nervous but now I’m not, I had some good feelings and bad feelings during my work experience such as when I was editing and publishing a success story I felt really happy and found it really fun however when I was transcripting there was a point where I became stressed and thought that marketing wasn’t for me. 

After a few more weeks of marketing it has grown on me and I now enjoy it, I look forward to possibly doing some more marketing in the future. Overall I have really enjoyed my work experience at MCR and I want to thank Dana, Sharon and the rest of the MCR Pathways team for setting up my work experience and giving me all the help I needed with it.

– Liam

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