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Published by Skyline, Skypark newsletter. (Page 20)

Volunteers are signing up from all walks of life to be matched with a young person in one of Glasgow’s secondaries. Can you help a young person realise their full potential and be defined by their talents, not their circumstances?

All you need is one hour a week and a willingness to put a young person first. MCR pathways will proivde all training and support you need. There are schools across Glasgow and surrounding areas where you can get involved.

Corien Staels, Managing Director of Wheel Air has recently signed up:

“First hearing of Pathways in the Skypark newsletter I just knew I had to get involved. It’s not hard to remember what being a teenager was life and I know I would have benefited from having a mentor myself. Mentoring plays a big role in my journey as an entrepreneur so why not pay it forward?”

Being involved with Notre Dame High School has been exciting so far, even though we’re just getting started. Hearing how many young people in Scotland are still looking for a mentor hopefully makes it ever so clear to everyone else in Skypark to get involved too”

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