Launching MCR Pathways 2024 Scottish Impact Report

Sharon McIntyre, CEO of MCR Pathways

Melodie Crumlin, Deputy CEO of MCR Pathways

Introduction from Sharon McIntyre

We are truly delighted to join an organisation that has a profound impact on the lives of Scotland’s most vulnerable young people. 

It’s a privilege to lead a team that has established deep and trusting relationships with over 5,000 young individuals across diverse settings—urban, rural, and island communities alike. This opportunity marks a significant chapter in our careers where we can contribute to an initiative that shapes futures profoundly ensuring that no young person is trapped in trauma alone.

MCR Pathways has established itself as a pivotal force in supporting care experienced young people’ or those on the ‘edges of care or vulnerable. This includes young individuals in informal kinship care, those experiencing family bereavement, young carers, asylum seekers or refugees, and those living in families dealing with addiction issues, incarceration of a family member, or on the cusp of social work intervention. 

Our structured and personalised relationship based mentoring is evidencing its transformational impact across all these settings. 

Collaboration lies at the heart of our approach. We have successfully recruited and established local partnerships for mentor recruitment, engaging all community segments. 

The delivery of our programme aligns with The Promise and the national all-party commitment that care experienced young people should “grow up loved, safe and respected so that they realize their full potential.”

The design of our programme is meticulously engineered to close the attainment gap, develop a skilled workforce, and secure a fairer and more equal society. 

MCR’s evidence-based, data-driven impact is transforming education outcomes, career opportunities, and life chances by building each young person’s capacity to enhance their confidence, skills, and self-esteem.

 This approach not only drives forward a wellbeing economy but also guarantees social mobility, supports mental health, and addresses many other key policy objectives.

MCR is a proven early intervention model that ensures young people are determined by their talent and potential and not their circumstances. If left unsupported, these circumstances could significantly increase the social costs associated with more acute mental and physical health services, social work intervention, and impact other welfare and social justice systems.

This Impact Report underscores the importance of MCR, especially in the face of ongoing public sector cuts. Our work not only fills crucial gaps but also actively fosters resilience and opportunities where they are most needed. It ensures that every young person can access the support they need to flourish and thrive, despite the economic challenges, making MCR a beacon of hope and transformation.

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