Fiona Ross, Senior Communications Officer for Glasgow City Council

Fiona Ross is a Senior Communications Officer for Glasgow City Council – a job that she loves and where everyday is a fresh challenge! She’s worked in the Council for more than 26 years. 

Outside of work, Fiona is a mum to three ‘all grown up’ children. She loves life, a challenge and to talk – though not necessarily in that order.

Find out why Fiona decided to become a mentor:

Why did you choose to volunteer with MCR Pathways?

“For many years I’ve helped promote the MCR project as Education Press Officer for Glasgow City Council. I was overwhelmed by the impact mentoring was having on our young people and on Glasgow’s destination figures and exam results. I figured it was high time that I volunteered and became part of the MCR mentoring family.”

What was it like getting ready to be a mentor?

“It was scary and exciting in equal measures. You worry about the young person you’ve been matched with liking and accepting you. The interview process also makes you look at yourself, your life and decisions with fresh eyes, which is interesting.”

What was it like the first time you met your young person?

“It was really interesting as there seemed to be a connection straight away – but I think I just talked to cover up my nervousness. I was delighted when my mentee at the end of the first meeting agreed to come on this marvelous journey together.”

What changes have you seen in your young person?

“It didn’t take too long to get to know one another. I did go through a period of time at the beginning when I felt that I was not making any difference – but I think this is a normal reaction. My young person is receiving two certificates at the school award ceremony this month and I feel really proud for her and her family – this is a great boost for them.”

What do you gain from mentoring?

“I think this is a hard question to answer as I feel it is not about me, however, I feel that I look at things differently since I started mentoring. I take time out of the office to go to the school and know that I come back with fresh motivation on my return. It makes me feel like I can tackle anything!”

What is the best thing about being a mentor?

“That you are making a small difference, hopefully, in your young person’s outlook on life. Making a connection with someone that you might not otherwise of crossed paths with.”

What would you say to others about mentoring?

“You must follow your instincts…and apply now!”

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