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Become a Mentor with MCR Pathways

For 10 years MCR Pathways has worked in Glasgow secondary schools helping disadvantaged young people to find, grow and use their talents and skills. These young people are disadvantaged through no fault of their own.

Volunteer mentors listen to and encourage their young person. That one-to-one relationship is vital. We rely on the support of volunteer mentors and on committed, inspiring partners to support our young people. We encourage you to become a mentor today.

Our Partners include organisations with less than 20 staff, national corporations, right up to Glasgow City Council and its ALEOs.

Become a mentor

Become a Mentor

MCR Pathways is a Scottish charity which is helping secure a brighter future for the disadvantaged and care-experienced young people of our country.

We recruit and train volunteers to become mentors meet a care experienced young person for one hour a week for a minimum of a year.


  • Build a relationship
  • Improving the self-esteem of a young person
  • Encourage a young people discover their own passion for learning and achieving
  • Help a young person transition to a positive destination

Education is key to unlocking our young people’s potential. Volunteer Mentors are supported every step of the way.

Your consistent encouragement and support is what keeps young people engaged with school.

Become a mentor
Educational Attainment – the results our young people achieve in school
Become a mentor
Return To School Rates – our young people return to school after 4th year
Become a mentor
Positive Pathways – our young people reach a positive destination when leaving school

MCR, thanks to our volunteer Mentors and Partners, is transforming the opportunities afforded to Scotland’s most vulnerable young people. Helping them release and explore their potential. Boosting their life prospects. We guarantee our young people the increased support they both require and utterly deserve.

2017’s stats from the first 10 schools MCR’s Young Glasgow Talent programme was delivered in, show the real-life difference MCR makes. MCR Young People’s results are in green:

The relationship between a mentor and young person is a phenomenal one. You’ll enjoy a life-changing experience just as much as your young person, as you guide, support and encourage them to a positive path.

You’ll have the opportunity to develop your own skills and expertise while you support your young person. Some of the organisations that support MCR, including the University of Strathclyde and Glasgow City Council, see mentoring not just as an opportunity to give back to their communities and deliver on corporate parenting responsibilities, but as a chance to offer staff an amazing opportunity as well.

Many mentors have said they were surprised at how the training and their mentoring experience, has developed their empathy, self awareness and their ability to build positive and influential relationships. All of our mentors say it has improved morale and given them an enormous sense of well-being and the feeling of making a tangible contribution.

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Thank you for deciding to become a mentor! MCR will be with you all the way as you begin your life-changing journey.

The first step is to Register. The information you provide allows us to best match each mentor with each of our young people.

Next, the MCR Pathways Central Team will take you through the programme during an Information Session.

After this you’ll take part in a Interview. This will help us understand more about you. It’s the perfect time for you to talk about your own life. This helps us make an inspired match between our mentors and young people.

Next there’s a Training Session where you’ll learn skills and training. You’ll complete the training process once you receive your approved PVG.

We will provide ongoing MCR training and resources. These tools will help you encourage your young people so that they can achieve their very best futures.

Our Young Glasgow Talent programme is currently delivered across all Glasgow secondaries.

We have a Pathways Coordinator in each of our schools. They already have brilliant relationships with all of the YGT young people in their school.

They’ll be there as you meet your young person for the first time and they’re available any time you or your young person has any questions.

At your interview, we’ll ask which school you live or work close to. So that you can fit your hour of mentoring in easily each week.

MCR has a national ambition with commitments now in place to open up in other local authority areas.

Outlined Map of Glasgow

Thank you so much for your support! Together, we will change the life chances of so many disadvantaged young Glaswegians. We’re with you every step of the way. Our online mentor community shares experiences and knowledge throughout the year. They help support all of our mentors.

Sign Up!

Click on the Sign Up button above to complete our mentor registration form. It usually takes 10-15 minutes to do. This will help us match a young person perfectly with your life experience, education and work.

After you’ve registered we’ll be in touch with various dates you can select from to join us for an Information Session.

Thank you so much again for your support. We can’t wait to welcome you to our phenomenal mentor community!

Would you like to discuss mentoring further with a member of the MCR Pathways team? Call our office on 0141 287 9681.

Become a mentor


Partners mentoring
Mentoring – Organisations encourage and support staff to spend one hour a week mentoring. Two lives are changed when one person mentors. Staff will develop their skills, expertise, management and leadership skills.
Partners Talent tasters
Talent Tasters – Organisations open their doors. Allowing our young people to explore inspiring businesses and aspirational roles. Each 2-3 hour Taster offers engaging, hands on experiences for our young people.
Partners other support
Other Support – Organisations help in any way they can. Some bring their educational expertise, others their design and branding know-how, and some partners offer their funding knowledge to support MCR’s programme.

Mentors are supported by the MCR team to guide their young person onto a positive pathway. Being a mentoring organisation is not just about giving back to Scotland’s most disadvantaged. You and your colleagues will also have the opportunity to develop your own skills and expertise. A significant majority of the skills used in mentoring are those developed in leadership and management training. This is why Glasgow City Council and the University of Strathclyde Business School have committed to support 10% and 20%, respectively, of their staff to mentor.

When you become an mentor you’ll learn to empathize with the challenges that face a young people. Being able to positively influence a young person and guide them to achieve their goals is a hugely rewarding experience. It will also greatly enhance and build leadership skills. Mentors feedback shows that training and mentor experience develops empathy, self awareness and their ability to build influential relationships. Our mentors say they feel they are making a tangible contribution.

MCR Pathways will support your organisation to help care experienced young people find their aspirations and realise their fullest potential. You will join an increasing number of Scotland’s most influential organisations. Everyone involved is committed to helping disadvantaged young people to be determined by their talents and not their circumstances.

All it takes is one hour a week.

YGT Partners

You have something amazing to offer an extraordinary group of young people: Your experience, your skill and your enthusiasm for your job. By becoming a Talent Taster partner, you can change a life and help a young person find, grow and use their talent!

Talent Tasters are a chance for young people to try out a job in manageable, bite-sized chunks. The average taster is just two to three hours long. They are designed to engage and inspire the younger generation with hands on learning experiences. They’re more sustainable and effective than traditional work experience both for the young people and for the organisations delivering.

Talent Tasters give young people the chance to try out different jobs, cultural experiences, college and university. We offer Tasters for entry level and jobs which require experience. Every Talent Taster is designed to inspire the young people and raise their aspirations for a brighter future.

Our young people are offered the chance to choose two of these sessions as part of our programme.

We’ll work shoulder-to-shoulder with your business to help design, develop and deliver the best Talent Taster sessions. We’ve already had almost 50 organisations, with 5 to 5,000 employees, across multiple sectors, deliver tasters for over 200 different jobs.

Talent Tasters Work

We’ve delivered more than one hundred tasters covering 16 distinct industries in the last year. There are so many stories, so many sparks of future careers being created. 

One young man found a talent for joinery and carpentry after a three hour Talent Taster at City Building. His attendance at school dramatically improved and he’s now working towards gaining the qualifications he needs to get an apprenticeship. 

One young woman attended our Paramedic Talent Taster at the Ambulance Academy. She found she had what it takes to be a great paramedic and she’s working towards getting the grades she needs to apply for the Academy. One young person was so inspired by an Automotive Mechanic talent taster that he organised another visit to a garage with his mentor. He is now attending college an afternoon a week studying mechanics.

The Talent Taster you deliver could be a life changing experience for our young people. The moment they realise ‘I could do this!’

Becoming a Talent Taster partner will give you and your company:

  • Highly effective training opportunities and personal development for staff
  • Improved staff morale and motivation
  • Priceless insight into your future customers and workforce
  • Vital evidence for accreditation, CSR and business awards
  • Team Building & fun
  • Source of future talent
Talent Tasters

Here’s the process from end to end:

  1. If you know you want to be a Talent Taster partner, sign up HERE or call us on 0141 287 9681 or email:
  2. We’ll then call or email to arrange a first meeting. We’ll fully explain the programme and discuss which roles in your company we could focus on. You’ll create a short role profile with our help, if required.
  3. We’ll look at aspects of the job which could be demonstrated in a fun, ‘hands-on’ way.
  4. We’ll also ask you to complete a risk assessment before the event.
  5. We can advise you as you structure your event from start to finish. The Talent Taster Team will manage the administration around the events.
  6. We’ll confirm the dates of the Talent Tasters. On our side, we’ll  encourage our young people to sign up based on their known skills and interests.
  7. We’ll arrange to bring the young people to your workplace. At least two members of our Team will be there on the day to help out.
  8. We’ll collect all feedback and share the appropriate elements with you. This feedback will be used to review and improve future tasters.

These experiences inspire, the numbers speak for themselves. 64% of MCR’s young people stayed on at school beyond 4th year in contrast to just 27% of Scotland’s care experienced youngsters. 88% of our young people achieved five or more subjects at Level 4 or better, compared to 57% nationally. Critically 81% of our young people secured a positive post-school destination (college, university or employment), compared to 48.8% when we started. Help us reach more young people to transform their education outcomes, career choices and life chances.

We’ve organised Talent Tasters in these sectors, and more

  • Admin & secretarial
  • Beauty & hairdressing
  • Care services
  • Charities
  • Construction and trades
  • Creative industries
  • Customer service
  • Engineering
  • Food and drink
  • IT and technology
  • Lawyers and accountants
  • Medical and dental
  • Public services
  • Retail and sales
  • Sports and fitness
  • Travel and tourism

When you spark the imagination of one of the young people at your event, we’ll work closely with them to fan it into a fire. We can arrange further, more tailored visits. If the idea sticks, we’ll then support that young person to make the right choices at school and move on to university, college or training leading towards that role.

Thank you so much for your support! Together, we will change the life chances of so many disadvantaged young Scots.

If your organisation can support staff to mentor, if you can offer a 2-3 hour Talent Taster for our young people to explore industries and careers, or, if you can help in any other way to support a charity that is helping care experienced young people to be all they can be, click on the Become A Partner button below.

You’ll join an amazing community of partner organisations including The Herald, the University of Strathclyde and Maguires digital and branding agency.

Become a Partner
Become a mentor

Other Ways to Volunteer

Some MCR mentors and partners volunteer their time, services and expertise in other ways to support our programme.

Other ways Skills
Skills & Project Volunteer – From marketing to administration, from delivering training to ICT & Apps development, there are loads of different projects you can help our core team with to change young lives for the better.
other ways events
Events Volunteer – MCR Events are delivered throughout the year. From Ambassador days to Talent Taster experiences. Events are also held for our mentors and partners. You can help run, organise or just take part.
other ways
Other Ways – From designing our marketing materials, to researching the wider support available to care experienced young people, to tutoring. MCR Volunteers ensure invaluable contributions are made right across our programme.

Thank you so much for your support! Together, we will change the life chances of so many disadvantaged youngsters.

If you can’t mentor but want to help out in another way, just contact our Volunteer Services Coordinator:


Outline why you would like to get involved, the type of role you would like to support with and include any other information you think would be relevant.

We’ll get back in touch with the many volunteering opportunities that we have available right throughout the year.

Become a mentor
Glasgow Design agency Maguires have supported MCR for a number of years. Using their expertise and resources, they’ve designed, created and printed MCR marketing materials. Leaflets, brochures and handbooks, ensure MCR can raise awareness of its programme further.

Maguires use their expertise to support MCR in the ways that they can. As have other Glasgow businesses including Bright Red Publishing (who provide additional school materials), Bees Nees (who filmed and edited our new Bridges That Transform video series) and Yatter (a Glasgow-based social media company who provide a free scheduling software platform).