Let Glasgow City Council know that the future of MCR young people isn't a line item to be crossed out

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Dear Councillor Aitken,

Please do not cut MCR Pathways Coordinators from your budget and MCR young people from realising their potential. They need and rely on the MCR Pathways Coordinators in each of your schools.

MCR supports the City’s most disadvantaged young people, especially those who the Council is the corporate parent of. We know the life changing value of the MCR mentoring and the transformation it makes.

Despite their talents and through no fault of their own, our young people face massive challenges. But since the beginning, MCR Pathways and the school based coordinators have ensured thousands of vulnerable young people have instead been supported to lead and sustain productive and confident lives.

Removing the support in each school will have a devastating impact on their education outcomes, job choices and life chances. And that’s not just for a budget period, it is for a lifetime. The City will eventually pick up all manner of social costs for this catastrophe.

We hope that the voice of the young people will be heard and that corporate parent responsibilities will drive the final decisions. The young people need and deserve the very best of us and never to be determined by their postcode or circumstances.

This petition is open to anyone who cares about Glasgow.

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I, the undersigned, call on Councillor Susan Aitken and Glasgow City Council to protect the school based MCR Pathways Coordinators from budget cuts.

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What these cuts mean

The MCR programme is transformational and its delivery relies on the MCR Pathways Coordinators in each school.

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MCR Pathways is a SCIO regulated by OSCR, Scottish Charity number SC045816