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The young people of the MCR programme are the heart and soul of everything we do. It’s amazing to hear all the positive stories and experiences that come through mentoring. We wanted to provide mentees with another avenue to showcase their talents and it’s why we created the YST Blog. We’d love for you to give it a read! 😀

We’ll be publishing blogs written by young people from all over the country throughout the year. Our first comes John*; a talented S3 wordsmith who attends Our Lady and St Patrick’s High School in West Dunbartonshire.

Making the Most out of Mentoring by John, S3

I like the MCR programme because it has helped my social skills and confidence. It provides me with the chance to chat about career plans, ambitions, problems and life in general.

We both like the nature of the engagement and honesty of the sharing. It’s two-way and we both share experiences, life events and celebrations.

It’s great to have the dedicated time to actually meet and chat casually with no pressure. Grace (our coordinator) has been great. When it came to pairing us together, we felt she got it spot-on. We found that with every meeting we had more common ground and shared the same ‘sense of humour’. I really look forward to Wednesdays now when we have our meetings. It’s nice to share what has happened throughout the week and make plans for the week ahead.

Through the mentoring opportunity, I get to explore college course options and identify activities to enhance my CV.

There are things I am now planning that I would not have previously considered before MCR mentoring. I now feel better informed of opportunities I can take advantage of to enhance my options beyond school.

The mentoring relationship has been great, we both see this being something that will continue beyond the MCR programme. Through the mentoring programme, we have formed a good friendship where we can chat openly about all aspects of what is going on in our lives.

Thank you so much to John from Our Lady and St Patrick’s High School for sharing his experiences of the MCR programme. It sounds like the relationship you have is making a world of difference to both you and your mentor! 😊

Do you think your young person would like to contribute to the YST Blog? Feel free to speak to your Pathways Coordinator who will be happy to discuss this opportunity with you and your mentee. 🙋

Are you not yet mentoring? You could #BeTheBridge between a young’s person’s talent and opportunity by giving just one hour a week. You’ve read about the difference mentoring makes and if you care, you can do it! 🌉

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