Stephen’s Story

Stephen was matched with his mentor Alan in his last year at school. He is now an Apprentice Parts Advisor for BMW & Mini and has been doing the course for eight months. He’s hoping to move over to a Vehicle Technician Apprenticeship soon. Here’s Stephen’s perspective on having a mentor.


What did you originally think your mentor might be able to do for you?

I became attracted to the programme once Louise the Pathways Coordinator explained it. I was interested in the extra support and she explained how it could help my future, that MCR might have mentors that are, or were in, the line of work that you want to follow in the future. I thought it was worth a try!


What was the best part of being mentored?

Alan made a huge difference to me because he was there to provide support in my personal life. I did go through quite a bit at the time but, he was there to support me personally and academically.


“That’s what I was like… ‘I don’t need the support, I’m fine”… but I’ve done this programme and it really did help me with confidence and many other things.”


How did you feel you benefited from having a mentor?

In my last year, I wasn’t getting on too well in my subjects, but I spoke to Alan about it and he set me straight and showed me how school can make a massive difference to your life.


What would you say to someone who was thinking about becoming a mentor?

Think about it this way. If you can help someone who needs it or if you have some free time and you want to give a little back, just do it. Join MCR.

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