Royal Philosophical Society of Glasgow – Realising Potential, Despite Circumstances

Published by the Royal Philosophical Society of Glasgow

Dr. Iain MacRitchie, MCR Founder, was invited to join the 2019 Royal Philosophical Society of Glasgow Lecture series.

He shares how MCR mentoring is transforming educational outcomes across Scotland.

Lecture Abstract

Iain built his business career internationally on realising potential despite the most challenging of circumstances.

He has now taken on his greatest challenge to ensure our most disadvantaged young people are defined by the talents and potential and never their circumstances. The lecture will explore the fascinating common themes and techniques that Iain has discovered work across private, public and third sectors. He will share his experiences, insight and bring to life what works and as importantly what doesn’t.

Whilst society continues to polarise in wealth and aspirations, the talk will explore highly effective ways to counteract the increasing separation. It will explore how social causes can also generate commercial benefits for business in the short term and significant economic gains in the long term. At the heart of transformational change is a simple model but one that is having profound impact on all participants.

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