Moira’s Story

Moira Kennedy has worked in business for a few decades and is also a trained life coach. Moira wants to use the skills she has developed throughout her work to do something positive around Glasgow. She has mentored at Whitehill since October 2017.


What is the best thing about being a mentor?

My mentee has such a positive attitude, is so polite and is a team player, it is so rewarding to help support him. With the programme they have someone to support them to reach their goals. This is shaping the society that we’re in and it feels good. But it can be an absolute delight.


What changes have you seen in the young person you mentor?

It’s only been about three months, but one of the objectives my mentee has is that he wants to work on his communication skills, so we are doing some work around that. I think there has been a shift in confidence, there’s a lot of reinforcing his strengths and what he’s got. It’s a constant reminder because young people don’t understand their strengths and positivity and why it’s useful in the world of work. His end goal is further education and a job, so we’re working towards that. I think he’s built confidence.


“For me, working previously with young people early in their careers, I think that often they don’t understand the positive skills they’ve already developed and how that can be used, we can show them. This is shaping the society that we’re in and it feels good. But it can be an absolute delight.”


How has being a mentor changed or impacted you?

Being a mentor has certainly broadened my horizons, just about life in general. My mentee has autism and that’s something I’m learning a lot on. I’m being educated along the way as well.


What would you say to someone about becoming a mentor?

It’s very important that we’ve got different mentors with different experiences that can bring different knowledge to help. You have to trust yourself and you trust the young person with the relationship. I think if you have an open heart and you sit and listen, sometimes that’s it, that makes all the difference.

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