Scottish Young People to Deliver the First National MCR Conference


Everyday we work with the most inspirational young people – we hear their stories, see their hard work and are amazed by their insights. And everyday, policies and laws are made about young people with zero input from the people these decisions most affect. We want to change that. Over the past few months, we’ve been working with a team of ambassador young people to create an event that reflects their voice and asks attendees to imagine being in their shoes.

MCR and our growing team of Young Ambassadors have collaborated to design the innovative, young person focused programme. Over 50 Ambassadors have worked on the preparation and will take part on conference day. They have created dramatic presentations and videos that we’ll showcase during the conference. They will also be leading workshops and interviewing a panel of experts.

The event will feature a full schedule of discussions and workshops, with contributions from key speakers, honoured guests, and Young Glasgow Talent Ambassadors. The conference will be followed by a Civic Reception.

We’ll be encouraging all attendees to tweet their favourite moments and any insights they’ve learned from the conference with the hashtag #MCRConf2018.


Young people face a number of challenges and need our support to overcome them. By mentoring, you create a one-on-one supportive relationship based on care and trust. It is this relationship that enables young people from challenging backgrounds to find, grow and use their talents. Most importantly, mentoring isn’t about telling young people what to do. It’s undeniably about helping young people grow their confidence so they can reach their potential. So we’re asking you to talk to your friends, family and colleagues to encourage everyone to become a mentor.

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