Egg-stra Egg-stra! – MCR on the Hunt for Mentors across Glasgow

We’ve been popping up across the city like the Easter Bunny in your museums, sports centres and shopping malls on the search for new mentors! By Eggs-ploring the city’s popular venues over the holidays we’ve been scouting out more matches for our young people!

We’re in every secondary school in Glasgow now! We’re helping more young people than ever find, grow and use their talents. But we need more mentors to meet the demand in Glasgow. We have 1000 young people who are excitedly waiting to be matched with a mentor who will listen and care. Could that person be you?Our mentors meet with their young person for just one hour a week (it’s pretty flexible) and build a relationship based on trust and listening. It’s this relationship that makes all the difference in the world. Our mentors come from all walks of life – they’re taxi drivers, architects, construction workers and CEOs. Their differences reflect the variation of our talented young people. But the important thing they all have in common is that they care. They’ve come together to help Glasgow’s young people not because they have to, but simply because they want to.

Mentors work! In 2014, only 48% of care-experienced young people progressed to a positive destination – further education, higher education or full-time employment. Now 80% of mentored young people do.

So come out and have a chat with us – we’d be so happy to talk to you about how you can mentor. Talk to your friends, family, neighbours, and gym buddies. I’m sure you also know someone who would make a fab mentor.

Can you recommend somewhere we should visit?

The MCR ‘pop up’ team would be happy to come to your workplace or venue to talk to people about mentoring. If you have a contact or event coming up please get in touch with with your ideas for reaching new mentors!

Can you #GiveAnHour to a wonderful young person who needs extra support? Learn more and become a mentor today!

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