MCR Launches 2018 #GiveAnHour Campaign

Today, we’re kicking off our #GiveAnHour campaign. In 2018, we’ll support more young people than ever before but we can’t do it without you! We need more Glaswegians who will pledge to #GiveAnHour to a deserving young person.

More care experienced and disadvantaged young people across Glasgow are asking for the help. Because they need, and deserve, to change their lives for the better. Spending just one hour a week will give a young person the support they need to find, grow and use their talents .

One hour a week doesn’t sound like much, but it makes a genuine, life-changing difference to a youngster. They might not have anyone else encouraging them to stay at school. Like all young people, they need someone who can help them believe that they can achieve what they want.


What our Young People Say

From January, our Young Glasgow Talent programme will be embedded in every secondary in the city. Because of this, so many more inspiring young people are asking for our help:


#GiveAnHour – Become a Mentor

Will you become part of the MCR family in 2018 and #GiveAnHour? Will you join over 1700 fellow Glaswegians who have registered to date? Together, we can support our vision for every single care experienced and disadvantaged young person to get an equality of education outcomes, career opportunities and life chances as any other young person.

#GiveAnHour in 2018. Learn more about becoming a mentor.

Can your organisation support us? Will you join over 50 partner organisations including Glasgow City Council, The Herald and Maguires branding agency who help MCR. As a result of their help we’re to deliver more Talent Taster experiences and recruit more mentors . You can become an MCR partner.

Do you have additional skills that would be useful to our schools-based mentoring and talent taster programme? Become a volunteer.

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