Favourite Things About Mentoring!

For our mentors and young people, everyone involved gets so much out of mentoring. Whether it’s realising what they can achieve, gaining life skills or finding a new friend, there are so many positives that come from that one hour. Many of our mentors say that it’s the best hour of their week!

We recently asked mentors and young people, from all over the country, about their favourite parts of mentoring. If you’re currently volunteering with us or looking to get involved, we hope this gives you an idea of the difference you’re making – or could be making – and what you gain from it too.

Just like a blanket, this blog is all warm and fuzzy! 😊

In the North!

Our Mentors told us…

Banff Academy, Aberdeenshire – “I love the chat with a young person, keeping up to date with their views and issues and getting their perspective on things. It is also a great privilege, that at times, they may trust you with some very sensitive parts of their lives and that, in some small way, you can support and encourage them.”

Inverurie Academy, Aberdeenshire – “It is incredibly rewarding and a huge privilege to be able to help a young person at such a pivotal time in life’s journey for them. Watching them mature, develop and take on board suggestions based on what you’ve learnt in your life is fantastic. MCR Pathways is a superb way of passing your learnings on to the next generation and you can have a massive influence on the choices that they make.”


Young People said…

Fraserburgh Academy, Aberdeenshire – “My mentor is the best mentor ever. I like my mentor so much! We are a good match because we like the same kind of sports. She really changed my life because she helps me with my mental health. She’s a very caring person.”

Hazlehead Academy, Aberdeen – “I am really enjoying meeting with my mentor. It’s good to have someone to talk to who doesn’t know me or isn’t involved with school etc.”

St Machar Academy, Aberdeen – “I’m finding mentoring quite well. Having someone to talk to with the same interests as me, it’s really nice.”

In the East!

Let’s start with the Young People…

Liberton High School, Edinburgh – “I think having a mentor has helped me with a lot of things. Getting to speak to my mentor every week helps me with some issues I’m having in school. She is fun to talk to, I can have a laugh with her and she really helps me out when there’s things I need to talk about or need help with. If I’m worried about something on the Monday, I automatically feel better knowing I’m seeing her in a day or two so it’s less worrying not having to keep everything to myself.”

Alva Academy, Clackmannanshire – ”My favourite thing about having a mentor is that they can give ideas of things you might like to do, try or take part in. They also have some similar interests to you that you can chat about. ”

Drummond Community High School, Edinburgh – “It’s just really nice having somebody to talk things through with. Somebody who isn’t going to tell me it’s wrong or it’s a bad choice. It makes things clearer in my head talking things through with my mentor.”


St Augustine’s RC High School, Edinburgh – “I love engaging with my young person and seeing their confidence grow as they become more relaxed with me- and feeling that in some way I have played a part in that. The flip side is that I feel so inspired by my young person and more positive myself. It’s definitely a win-win!”

Wester Hailes Education Centre, Edinburgh – “It is the interaction with a very talented and enthusiastic young person who always brightens up my day.  I have quite a stressful job and I look forward to chatting with my young person as they have so much to offer and put a perspective on life.  I love their enthusiasm for life and what is going on in the world.  I have learned so much.”

Alva Academy, Clackmannanshire – ”Having the opportunity to get to know a young person and hopefully make a positive difference to their life.”

In the West!


Auchenharvie Academy, North Ayrshire – “This is my first time mentoring with MCR and I have to say I’m thoroughly enjoying every minute. I feel I’m affording an opportunity for my mentee to not only see the best of her qualities and abilities as a young person but also in guiding her to realise her dream when her learning days come to an end. It’s a most rewarding task and an honour and privilege to be part of!”

Bannerman High School, Glasgow – “My favourite part of mentoring is seeing the smile on my mentee’s face when we meet up. There has never been a meeting where she hasn’t cheered me up and made me laugh out loud. She’s a pure tonic. What a life-changing and affirming experience mentoring has been for me.”

Stonelaw High School, South Lanarkshire – “My favourite bit about mentoring though is seeing her wee face light up when we get to say hello. We are still getting to know each other. She always says she’s done nothing since we last met but after a few minutes of chatting she realises what she has done and is chuffed to do so. The time passes so quickly for us, we need an alarm, and I always go off the call smiling. I can’t wait to meet face-to-face.”

Clydebank High School, West Dunbartonshire – “My favourite thing about mentoring is seeing the progression in the relationship throughout the process and feeling a difference is being made that goes both ways.”


Young People…

Auchenharvie Academy, North Ayrshire – “Just having someone to talk to and tell things to that I wouldn’t normally tell others because nobody else listens like my mentor does.”

Stonelaw High School, South Lanarkshire – “My favourite part about being mentored is that I get to connect with someone that understands me and is able to just talk to me on my bad days and try to help. What I like about my mentor is that she is really nice and we have so much in common. I can just talk to her and we have built a good bond with each other.”

Clydebank High School, West Dunbartonshire – “My favourite thing about having a mentor is having guidance, someone to see and talk to always and be able to have a bond with someone. Unlike say counsellors or tutors who you only have contact with for a limited amount of time.”

Auchenharvie Academy, North Ayrshire – “My mentor helps keep me on track. Rather than sitting about and forgetting things, he keeps reminding me of what I should be doing.”

Have you felt motivated to get involved after reading our mentors’ and young people’s favourite parts of mentoring? You can #BeTheBridge between a young person’s talent and life opportunities by signing up today! 

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