City Property

Barry Mallon is Technical Group Manager for City Property and Liam Murray’s manager. 

City Property Glasgow specialise in helping companies find suitable accommodation as well as offering flexible leases, competitive rents and incentives.

Liam is a Graduate Building Surveyor and has been an MCR Pathways mentor and for two years. Barry and Liam met to discuss with us the benefits of mentoring and how Liam fits it into his working week.

Why were you keen to support your staff becoming mentors for MCR?

“I’m the parent of young children myself, so I know the importance of keeping kids on the right track. Quite often that is aided on when they’ve got someone who helps them. Especially someone who has been through similar experiences themselves. So I feel it’s really important that younger people particularly get involved in helping their peers.”

Are there any benefits mentoring brings to your organiser?

“By going along there and assisting others, mentors are building up their confidence and building their own direction for life. They’re passing this on and also giving opportunities to nurture people. One of the greatest benefits I’ve seen within is the coaching skills. This is a transferable skill which you can use in all aspects of your career in the future.”

How easy is it for staff to fit mentoring around the working week?

“Liam, for instance, does his mentoring first thing in the morning and it has had very little impact on how he delivers his job throughout the week.”

What would you say to other managers about the MCR Programme and the benefits of encouraging staff to get involved?

“The benefits are not only to the mentored young person, but to the mentor themself. Liam and our other mentors have developed over the last year very strongly in areas of communication and I feel a lot of that is as a result of mentoring.”

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