5 Reasons MCR Mentoring Enhances the Work Place!

There are so many opportunities for companies and organisations to give back to their community through charitable work and donations.

How do you cut through all the noise and find the right partnership?

MCR Pathways matches young people with volunteer mentors to help them find, grow and use their talent. Here are 5 reasons why your organisation should seriously consider MCR Mentoring.

#1 Create a dynamic team, with no extra work 

Modern workplaces are constantly evolving. Your future workforce needs to be able to adapt, listen, build on feedback and constantly grow. Through mentoring, your staff will develop these vital skills and will receive targeted training – with no extra effort on your part.

#2 Mentors Make Leaders  

Through mentoring, your staff will learn how to coach, give feedback and manage relationships. These are qualities you need in your future leaders. Mentoring has proved to be so effective that the University of Strathclyde Business School has partnered with us to create the Leadership Through MCR Mentoring course which is accredited at SCQF Level 7 and is based on the MCR relationship-based mentoring model.

#3 Happy Staff  

We hear again and again from managers and employees alike that mentoring gives you that extra boost each week. Mentors tell us it gives them a sense of purpose and leaves them feeling energised. Fiona Ross, Senior Communications Officer for Glasgow City Council says, “I take time out of the office to go to the school and know that I come back with fresh motivation on my return. It makes me feel like I can tackle anything.”

#4 Next Generation of CSR  

Scottish Legislation instructs that any company applying for government contracts must meet Corporate Social Responsibility criteria. Many organisations need to comply with this, but don’t have a good plan in place. Mentoring is the perfect way for you to meet your responsibilities in an effective, inexpensive way while also developing your staff.

#5 It Works  

Mentoring truly makes a huge difference to Scotland’s disadvantaged young people. In 2014, before mentoring was expanded, only 49% of Glasgow’s care-experienced young people left school to full-time work, college or university. In 2018, 86% of our mentored young people did. Mentoring is making a mark – be part of the life-changing programme transforming Glasgow and now further across Scotland.

#Mentoring Matters 2 the Work Place

Mentoring not only helps young people realise their potential, it can also create a dynamic, happy staff of future leaders AND meet your CSR requirements. Register for our Take the Lead Through MCR Mentoring seminar on Oct 4th from 5:30 at Glasgow City Chambers to learn more and hear from other business leaders and organisations about why they are getting involved. Spaces are limited, register today! Can you or your colleagues sign up to help Glasgow’s young people find, grow and use their talents? Become a mentor today!

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