Mentoring Matters Issue 11

By December 12, 2018 January 24th, 2019 Featured Stories, MCR Stories

Each and every weekday, our young people get up and go to school. But while in class, disruptions and instability of their home lives don’t go away. It’s not easy to set aside the challenges they are sometimes facing. But each and every week, across Glasgow and now Aberdeenshire, Aberdeen and Edinburgh, our mentors are there to offer a hand of support.

At our recent film premiere we heard our young people’s personal stories of resilience and overcoming hardships. In our recently published Impact Report we collated data on the more than 1000 young people in our programme. Through these stats and stories, one thing is clear: Mentoring Matters 2 our young people. Mentoring Matters 2 attainment, education and success.

Thank you to all our mentors for being there for Scotland’s young people and helping them start off the 2018/2019 school term and being their champion. Please help us spread the word as Mentoring Matters 2 every disadvantaged young person.

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