Seeds. Ideas. The best things often start small. MCR Foundation saw the statistics, the overwhelming and bleak statistics – of only 1% of ‘looked-after’ young people making the journey from school to higher education – and decided to start small. In one East End school in Glasgow, with just a handful of kids and a load of determination. And through trial, a bit of error and huge amounts of effort, MCR now works with five Glasgow schools, working with over 250 looked after people. The Foundation has an ambition to increase its reach ten-fold in the next 3 years and help establish Scotland as the place where all children without exception realise their full potential.

We appreciate that there are many pressures in schools, so at MCR we make it easy to support those young people who need it. We link hundreds of mentors, young people, education authorities, schools, colleges, universities and businesses. We have a track record of working closely alongside school staff to bring out the best in their students, no matter where they start from educationally.

If your educational institution would like to partner with MCR in providing that extra support for your looked after young people, then please get in contact with us.

St Andrew’s

Gerry Lyons


St Andrew’s Secondary School is a denominational Secondary School serving the areas of Barlanark, Carntyne, Easterhouse, Greenfield, Ruchazie, Parkhead, Shettleston and Springboig in Glasgow’s East End.

As a Catholic school, all aspects of the school are built on promoting gospel values, giving the young people a positive experience of the Catholic Faith and the opportunity to involve themselves in charity and community activities. This helps develop our young people as successful learners, confident individuals, effective contributors and responsible citizens. The school’s performance in every area is increasing year on year and the young people enjoy exceptional success through the commitment of a dedicated staff working in partnership with parents/guardians, carers and our partners.

Everything in our school is driven by our Vision for Excellence 2017 where we commit to “achieving the highest levels of attainment and achievement for every individual young person and improve the lives and life chances of all our young people”. 

The school was inspected in December 2012 and the report published identified that our approach to working with our partners is sector leading.

Our partnership with the MCR Foundation over the last 7 years has had a massive impact on our school. We have ensured that through the support we have provided in partnership with MCR Foundation, our Looked After young people achieve at the highest levels that they can and action the aspirations our school has for them through their education and beyond. 

The outstanding work of Partnership between St Andrew’s Secondary and the MCR Foundation won the Scottish Education Award in the “Aiming High” category in 2012.


Gordon Shaw


Eastbank Academy was opened in 1894. It is a six year non-denominational secondary school in the east end of Glasgow, which serves the communities of Bridgeton, Dalmarnock, Greenfield, Parkhead, Sandyhills, Shettleston, Springboig and Tollcross. We have around 960 pupils and over 70 teaching staff.

The Academy offers a broad and varied curriculum, designed to satisfy the needs and aspirations of young people of all abilities. As a school community, we also pride ourselves in offering a wide range of opportunities and activities through sports, music, educational trips and visits. I believe firmly that our main focus must be on learning and teaching and raising levels of attainment and achievement. With this young people can flourish and reach their true potential.

We are proud of our tradition of strong and effective partnership working and, together with our partners, remain committed to improving the life chances of our young people. Working closely with the MCR Foundation has allowed us to further develop strategies for supporting some of the most vulnerable in our school community. This focused piece of work aims to ensure that young people facing significant challenge in their life are mentored and supported in order that they remain engaged with education. The ultimate aim of this work is to ensure that barriers to learning are identified and eradicated in order to achieve success and ultimately, a positive and sustainable destination post school. In so doing, we hope that young people leave school with strong transferable skills and a resilience which will stand them in good stead for some of the challenges that lie ahead.


Geraldine Collins


Lochend Community High is a ‘new-build’ non-denominational school of approximately 500 young people located in Easterhouse in the North East of Glasgow. We are proud of the fantastic learning environment we can provide for our pupils, including, 6 dedicated ICT learning areas, 8 science labs, 2 music rooms a drama studio and fabulous sports facilities that our community also have access to. Despite the challenges of working within an area of regeneration most of our young people have aspirations to be the best that they can be and work together with our committed staff securing future learning and career pathways. We provide a full range of experiences and opportunities allowing them to achieve success in all its forms.

Raising attainment and achievement continues to be a key driver of our improvement agenda and learners in our school continue to make progress from their prior levels of attainment, avoiding potential barriers to learning. Our planned whole school activities are providing young people with opportunities to develop skills for life, skills for learning and skills for work.

For those who are at risk of missing out, our link with the MCR Foundation is a key component when raising aspirations, attainment and achievement. We continue to make concerted efforts to improve performance in all forms in order that every child can achieve. Supporting learners through the MCR Pathways project ensures strategic planning to improve achievement for targeted young people, impacting positively on our destination statistics. This will be further supported through an enhanced mentoring programme, accurate progress tracking and continued learning conversations with our young people.


Jean Miller


Smithycroft Secondary School is an inclusive, non-denominational school of around 600 young people in the East End of Glasgow. We serve the communities of Riddrie, Carntyne, Cranhill, Craigend, Ruchazie, Provanmill, Blackhill and Robroyston. At the heart of all our activities is a desire to ensure that all our young have equality of opportunity to achieve their very best.

Our ethos encourages them to attain the best qualifications they can; to achieve success in a wide range of activities and experiences; and to aspire to be the very best they can be in all that they do. We also work with a range of partners to provide a high quality educational experience and seek out opportunities to enhance the curriculum and the lives of our young people.

We host the Young Parents’ Support Base that supports young women across Glasgow pre and post birth to remain in education. We are very proud of the success of this life-changing project since it represents the inclusive and compassionate nature of Smithycroft. Our work with the MCR Foundation is another example of how we support our most vulnerable young people and particularly our Looked After young people. Through the mentoring project, motivational PX2 classes and developing Duke of Edinburgh initiative, we show our LAC young people that they can aspire to great futures.

The school was recently inspected by an HMIE team of Inspectors and received 5 Very Good overall grades. The Inspectors praised the success of Smithycroft in supporting all our young people, particularly our most vulnerable. We are very proud of our young people and strive to ensure that Smithycroft always provides the very best educational experience for each and every one.

St Roch’s

Stephen Stone


St Roch's is a denominational Secondary school, established in 1928, serving the North of Glasgow and has a school population that truly reflects the cultural and ethnic diversity of Glasgow. Our School motto is "Alios Adiuva", which means, "help others" and as a community we try to be true to that motto. Our school vision is "to work together to improve the life chances of all in our school community by ensuring that all are safe, healthy, well cared for and have access to the highest quality of learning and teaching."

We are committed to a policy of equal opportunity in all aspects of our provision. No pupil will be subjected to less favourable treatment on any grounds, including race, gender, social or economic background. We believe in the development of the individual as a whole person, spiritual, as well as physical, emotional and intellectual.

St Roch’s Secondary provides an environment where the linguistic needs of all our young people are met. We cater for secondary aged deaf young people in our hearing impaired unit. Our bilingual EAL (English as an Additional Language) pupils make up over 25% of the school population.

Our link with the MCR Foundation is highly valued by the young people involved and by staff in St Roch’s. We are working in partnership with the MCR Foundation to develop programmes to raise the aspirations of some of our most vulnerable young people and set them on the pathway to a brighter, more successful future. 


Mrs L Hamilton


Springburn Academy is a six year co-educational and non-denominational secondary school situated just to the north east of the centre of Glasgow. The school serves a rich mix of communities and takes pupils from Springburn, Possilpark, Milton, Balornock, Barmulloch, Sighthill and surrounding areas.

The school currently has about 800 pupils with about 12% of pupils who can speak another language(s) in addition to English. Springburn Academy provides a broad and balanced curriculum leading to a full range of SQA qualifications and wider achievements. The school’s aim is to provide a welcoming and friendly environment to ensure that all pupils are successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors who are prepared to take their place in society. The school’s involvement in the MCR Pathways project is greatly appreciated by the pupils and their parents/guardians and has helped to ensure that the young people have a positive destination when they leave school.


Mr Williamson


Drumchapel High School is a comprehensive non-denominational school serving the community of Drumchapel situated in the west of Glasgow. Drumchapel has undergone, and continues to undergo, major regeneration and is in an ideal position to be at the heart of this regeneration process. As part of the rebuilding of the community Drumchapel High School moved into a purpose built new school about five years ago, with space for 850 pupils.

Drumchapel High School welcomes young people from first year through to sixth year, regardless of ability, ethnicity or religious belief. They offer a full curriculum with presentation at all levels and are also developing strong links with local colleges.


Mr G McGuigan


Lourdes Secondary is a comprehensive school in the Southside of Glasgow and serves the communities of Cardonald, Crookston, Govan, Hillington and Penilee. Lourdes Secondary is an inclusive Catholic community of faith and learning, rich in our diversity and offering a climate of high expectations and aspirations for all. The young people in Lourdes Secondary are encouraged to aspire to the faith ideals of love for God and for people to enrich their community.

Lourdes Secondary has recently joined the MCR Pathway programme. Working in partnership with the staff in Lourdes and parents/carers the school is enthusiastic that the young people’s participation in the MCR Pathway programme will set them on the pathway to a brighter more successful future.

St Paul's

Lisa Pierotti


St Paul's is a denominational High School located in Pollock in the south of the city. Over 700 pupils attend the school. Its ethos is built on the values of promotion of self belief, equality and the rewarding of success. The young people attending are all truly valued and cared for. “Aiming High for Young People” is the school's motto. Every member of staff is totally dedicated to improving the life chances of every young person in the school. St Paul's is one of the more recent schools to join the MCR Pathways Young Glasgow Talent programme. Their support has been tremendous and we're extremely excited to be working further with the school's staff, pupils and parents and carers.

St Mungo's

Angela Milton


St Mungo's Academy is a denominational, co-educational, comprehensive, secondary school located in Bridgeton, Glasgow. 800 young people attend the school in the city's east end. The school holds very strong values at the heart of everything it does. It's a place where staff and young people: "Welcome everyone and no one is alone; treat everyone with care, compassion and consideration; always encourage hope in each other; recognise the dignity of each individual person; and practice justice, forgiveness and peace." The school's ethos is to recognise the voice of every single person. It's focused on developing and maintaining strong relationships with parents/carers "as the first educators of their children". The school values every member of the institution - staff, parents/carers and young people - learning from each other.

Knightswood Secondary School

Kay Dingwal


Knightswood Secondary School is located in the West End of Glasgow, one of the City's largest Secondarys with a roll of approximately 1300 pupils and 100 teaching staff. We are co-educational, non-selective and non-denominational, educating pupils of all abilities, cultures and social backgrounds. The school works alongside its associated Early Years establishments and the Primary Schools of Knightswood, Blairdardie, Bankhead, Garscadden, Scotstoun and Yoker.

Everything we are trying to achieve is underpinned and sustained by our values which are

  • Honesty
  • Ambition
  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Inclusion

A unique feature of the school is that we are the home of the National Dance School of Scotland which provides specialist tuition for some of the country's most gifted young dancers and musical theatre performers. These youngsters follow the School curriculum and take a full and active part in School life in addition to the specialist training they receive.

Knightswood Secondary wanted to imbed the MCR Pathways programme into the school to target our most vulnerable learners so that they will see their confidence, self-esteem and with time their aspirations grow. It is hoped that the young people involved in the programme will make a positive transition from school to Employment, Further Education or Higher Education.

MCR Pathways will enhance our mentoring and Duke of Edinburgh programmes which run in our Senior Phase and bring these high quality experiences to appropriate young people in the Broad General Education. Having a dedicated Pathway Coordinator in school will have a positive impact in the engagement and progress of the targeted pupils.