There are two ways you can become an MCR Hero. More than anything, we would like you to consider becoming a mentor and unlocking the potential of a young person:

Give Your Time

You might be surprised about the stuff you know – the experiences you have had in your life that could help guide a young person. Consider what you knew as a young person compared to what you know now.

Access to your knowledge and experience could be the difference between a young person achieving on an academic or vocational pathway.


Of course we’re also happy to put your donations to good use. Our partners at JustGiving have made it very straightforward to setup a fundraising page, so that your efforts can be converted into sponsorship donations, and help continue the work done through the MCR Charitable Foundation.

Alternatively, you can also just give from your own funds. Again, JustGiving allow you to do this under the Gift Aid scheme, ensuring we can reclaim an extra 25% in tax on every eligible donation by a UK taxpayer. JustGiving’s processes have been audited and approved by HMRC.

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