MCR Community

The MCR family is completely dedicated to transforming the education outcomes, career opportunities and life chances of Scotland’s most disadvantaged young people. City by city.

MCR Community


Volunteers offer up one hour a week to their young person.

MCR Community


Organisations throughout Scotland support staff to mentor. They also open their doors with Talent Taster experiences.

MCR Community

Young People

Our young people lead our programme. And they’re making a lasting difference.

MCR Community


MCR staff support everyone! They ensure the best relationship matches for our young people and mentors.


We recruit and train volunteer mentors to meet care experienced young people for an hour a week. They meet in their own schools, for a minimum of a year. By building relationships and self-esteem, our young people discover their own passion for learning and achieving. This allows them to overcome the challenges thrown at them.

Mentors listen without judgement. They empower, build aspirations and are a gateway to opportunities including university, college and employment.

Mentors are supported every step of the way as they guide their young person onto a positive pathway. As a mentor, you’ll have the opportunity to develop your own skills and expertise. Helping young people achieve their goals is a hugely rewarding experience.

Diverse MCR Community

Our mentors come from every walk of life, age group and type of organisation. Over 40% of our mentors are men helping young people who lack a male role model. There are as many under 35 years of age as over 65, with the majority at the peak of their careers. Every profession and job is represented.

Young People

At MCR, we know that there is amazing potential and talent in our young people. But circumstances have made it difficult for them to realise it. It is our aim help our most disadvantaged young people realise their skills and capabilities and develop them. We’re reaching Scotland’s most vulnerable young people, city by city.

MCR Community: Young People Ambassadors

Young people lead the MCR’s programme. Ambassadors support and inform the continued development of mentor roles. They also help evidence the impact and best practice to help develop mentor training. The voice of our young people is integral.

  • Ambassadors inform the framework for delivery, impact and engagement of employment and skills.
  • They influence the HE/FE; and culture & sports talent taster programmes
  • They help engage S1/S2 young people in their group work and to the potential of mentoring, talent tasters and active participation in YGT
  • And finally, ambassadors represent themselves, MCR, their school, pathway and potential at various events. They continue to represent and participate when they leave school on their experiences of their first job, college or university place.


We rely on committed partners to support and inspire our young people. Our Partners include organisations with less than 20 staff, national corporations, right up to Glasgow City Council and its ALEOs.

Our Organisers:

  • Encourage and support staff to spend one hour a week mentoring. Staff will develop their skills, expertise, management and leadership skills.
  • Open their doors to our young people by allowing our young people to explore inspiring businesses through Talent Tastes.
  • Some bring their educational expertise, others their design and branding know-how, and some partners offer their funding knowledge to support MCR’s programme.

All of our motivated partners give so much. They Inspire our young people with their experience, their skill and their enthusiasm for their job.

Glasgow City Council and the University of Strathclyde Business School have committed signing up 10% and 20%, respectively, of their staff to mentor. They have committed to the life changing difference of mentoring.


MCR Staff support our young people, our mentors and our partners.

Staff Image

Iain MacRitchie


MCR Pathways was founded by philanthropist Iain MacRitchie. Iain succeeded in the business world by turning around failing corporations, but after improving the financial success of over 90 children’s homes and 5 residential schools, realised these were not the changes that really needed to be made. The talents of these young people were left undeveloped and potential unrealised, forgotten completely as they turned 18. Iain realised the key to these young people’s success lay in education and the catalyst for the creation of MCR Pathways was born.
Donna Profile

Donna Cunningham

Project Director

Following Iain's realisation, a chance meeting took place with Bruce Malone and Donna Cunningham, Head Teacher and Senior Manager at St Andrew’s Secondary School. In 2007, Donna began providing dedicated and individual support to care experienced young people in the school. The goal was to develop these young people’s confidence and talents by giving individualised attention to each child’s specific story.
Renee Profile

Pathways Coordinators

Each school we support has a dedicated MCR Pathways Coordinator based in that school. They work with our young people from S1 and S2, involving them in Groupwork and building their confidence, while introducing them to other young people.
PCs make sure our young people are ready for a mentor when they reach S3 and S4. They know what sort of mentor their young person would benefit from, and make the match based on shared interests and sometimes aspirations and backgrounds.

Mentor Services

Our mentor services team is dedicated to supporting our mentors and partners the whole way. Ensuring you have all the information you need prior to meeting your young person, and answering any queries you have along the way.