It is like that moment on a talent show: someone is on stage. Someone unkempt, a bit awkward, not really sure they should be there. The crowd and the judges are muttering, casting knowing looks – this one is going to be a howler, painful to watch. Nobody is paying too much attention as the music starts. And then it happens. This nervous, shuffling person opens their mouth and out soars the most beautiful, clear and magical sound.

This really is talent.

MCR Presents Young Glasgow Talent


What is YGT?

Young Glasgow Talent (YGT) is MCR Pathways’ project which ensures young people take the next steps on the path to a fulfilling life. YGT inspires and supports disadvantaged teenagers as they unlock their potential and find their talents. Through one-to-one mentoring relationships and Talent Tasters they’ll discover ambitious, achievable aspirations.

The YGT site is for everyone: for young people who want to learn more about themselves and their abilities; for individuals that can mentor our deserving young people; for organisations, charities, colleges and universities who can play a vital role in sparking imaginations by hosting talent tasters; and for our supporters who want to keep track of our amazing work.

“It’s never too late to have a happy childhood.” — Tom Robbins, Still life with a woodpecker.

“Thanks to my mentor I am now at university and aiming for a first”
— Liam


You can make a big difference to a Glasgow Future

Join The Herald & MCR Pathways as we trailblaze a better future for bright young people who need motivated and committed adults to support them through a pathway from school to further education. Be a trusted, listening ear and turnaround the chances of our young who are disadvantaged through no fault of their own. One hour a week and a willingness to put a young person first are the only skills you need. This campaign is unique to Glasgow, and will become a model for the rest of the country. 200 mentors needed now. Glasgow Futures - the city that says there is no place for disadvantage.

Origins of MCR


At MCR, we know that there is amazing potential and talent in young people. Varied, unique and inspiring. In every single one. But for many, that potential has yet to be discovered. Life experience has knocked the confidence out of some, firmly locking away those seeds of flair and hope. It is our aim to uncover, nurture, develop and help to realise the skills and capabilities in looked after young people. We know that each person has a specific set of abilities and passions and we want to see them flourish in the arena that is right for them. We support looked after young people practically. Guiding them on pathways to education, employment and fulfilling lives.

“It is fantastic to see young people overcome circumstances they found themselves in through no fault of their own - and go on to realise their true potential. To be able to lend a helping hand, create a pathway or just uncover one that already exists is a privilege and inspiration.”

Iain MacRitchie – Founder, Chairman & Trustee

Those who are Cared For

Life maybe hasn’t been that easy for you so far. You’ve lived in a number of places and you find it difficult to trust others. There is so much that you want to do but just when you start to get there, things turn upside down again, and you’re left holding on by the tips of your fingers. It feels like you are utterly alone in this.

The thing is, you’ve got talent and great potential – whether you realise it or not. And options. Quite a few, actually…

Those Who Care

You really want to see young people grow, flourish and be happy. Sometimes they are easy to reach, some days are more difficult. You put your all into encouraging and helping them and sometimes you simply need a helping hand yourself.

We care about you. That’s why we’re building a network of mentors who can encourage and inspire each other.

Lead Schools

Scottish Government statistics show that whilst nearly 40% of Scottish school leavers go on to higher education directly from school only 1% of ‘looked-after’ young people make this direct progression. That’s what you’re up against. Who can help you make a difference, when there are so many other targets to meet?

We’ve been working alongside five schools for a number of years, with a significant impact to their looked after young people: MCR now works with over 250 looked after young people, each one on a different and more hopeful path than when we first met them.


Unlocking the massive potential of young people is a not a job for one person. It takes a whole community, with diverse skills, services and experience to to develop every aspect of their lives. We work with some wonderful partners, from schools to Duke of Edinburgh, from businesses to charities. We coordinate multiple partners in order to ensure young people have every opportunity to achieve their dreams.



When I was still at school there were many times where I felt like just leaving due to conflicts in my personal life. Having the support of a dedicated person convinced me to stay on and sit my exams after almost leaving 2-3 months before…


During my time in care although the family were great I felt like I had no one to speak to about the way I was feeling. I felt as though I would have been “bothering” people and thought people would think I was being silly about the way I was feeling …

Being an MCR mentor

My perception of a mentor is someone who listens to, nurtures, supports and encourages a young person to enable them to strive and be the best they can be both academically and personally…


About MCR Pathways

Over the years at MCR we have tried and tested many methods of re-engaging young people. We have proven that, through mentoring and support we can turn the statistics around, that looked after young people can be successful in unlocking their potential and starting on the pathways through further education and university or vocational training.

Become an MCR Hero

We all need encouragement: people alongside us to applaud our successes, listen when we get it wrong, pick us up when we stumble, celebrate our achievements. By becoming an MCR mentor, you could be that person. Being a mentor involves getting to know the young person, their interests and ambitions, and helping them to increase their knowledge of opportunities in work and education. By being a positive role model you can have a profound effect on building self-confidence, skills and aspirations in the lives of young people who are disadvantaged through no fault of their own.

Who are MCR

The MCR Foundation provides support, advice & funding for sustainable, grass roots rehabilitation, education, health & welfare projects. Target projects are those that encourage, build & help realise the talents and potential of individuals and groups in inner city based communities.


What's a Talent Taster?

Talent Tasters provide a unique opportunity to experience the world of work in a way that is more engaging and inspiring for young people, and sustainable for the organisation and staff delivering it. The tasters are designed to motivate the young people and help them make positive choices about their future careers.

Think of Talent Tasters as concentrated, high quality work experience. Three hours to get to know more about a company and a particular job it offers. There are 2 other levels to see what a manager does and even time with the boss.

Perhaps it will be the defining moment in a young person’s life. The moment when they say: "I could do this".

What's in it for Me?

Talent Tasters offer a revolutionary way for passionate and caring organisations to support their communities and share their work and employment opportunities. But they also offer much more for staff in:

  • Enhanced training and coaching opportunities
  • Leadership and management skills
  • Improved staff morale, confidence and team building
  • Next-level evidence for awards and accreditations eg IiP and EFQM
  • A source of loyal and informed future talent

We will shortly be releasing a handy leaflet for you to download.

How it Works

If you’re interested in supporting Talent Tasters, get in touch. Here’s a brief guide to how it should work:

  • Talent Tasters are designed around young people age 13 – 16
  • They are around three hours long
  • They have 3 levels from job entry to team leader and senior management
  • They are hands-on and fun
  • They are delivered by someone who really knows their stuff

Our approach has been tried, tested and is continuously improving to ensure our business partners get the very best support to deliver the very best tasters.

COMMUNITY SUPPORTYou are not alone.

A community of like-minded people, with similar challenges to you is just a few clicks away. Our private Google+ communities allow us to be connected and supported wherever we are.

Mentor Communities

At MCR Pathways, we provide a confidential virtual hub where Mentors can connect with other like-minded people in order to share information, best practice as well as challenges and frustrations.

Pioneer Network

This community allows the partners and pioneers of MCR Pathways to inspire, organise, share and hangout together. Let’s change the world!

Mentor Resource Centre

For looked after Young People.

If you’re having trouble finding your way around, give us a shout!


Become a Mentor

An hour per week is all it takes to help a young person. Sign up below and we’ll take it from there.

Other Ways to Help

Not able to mentor? There are lots of other ways to make an impact:

  • working groups
  • talent tasters
  • events

Companies & Employees

There are lots of ways to help:

  • become a pioneering partner
  • talent tasters
  • Inspiring 500

Donate to MCR

Every penny that MCR Pathways receives goes straight into our programme. By donating to MCR Pathways, you’re investing in the future of Glasgow’s care experienced young people. Whether you give a little or a lot of your hard-earned money, we would like to extend a sincere and enormous thank you. Your donation will help us give disadvantaged young people the same life chances as their peers.


Talk it through

Maybe you’re unsure how you can play a part. If you’d like to talk to someone about how you could help out, then please fill out this form, or alternatively, email us and we’ll get the conversation going…

Tell us your story

If you’ve been looked after as a young person, and would like to share the experience of how a Mentor helped you navigate through a part of your life, please share; it may just inspire someone just like you.

Technical Issues

We all have technical issues when trying to be adventurous with technology. If you’re having problems with the virtual communities, chances are, a solution to your problem already exists in our Frequently asked questions.